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cries understanding the difference. Lock Rss

I have a 6 week old girl and when she cries I don't know why! in the 1st weeks i thought she was hungry so i fed her and she gained alot of weight and was unhappy, but that's no longer the issue now i think well you've just been fed so your not hungry so i burp her and no not that then i cuddle no not that so i then give the dummy no not that so what!
My daughter is 7 wks old and does the same thing as soon as i walk in the room she'll stop crying then when she realises she's not getting picked up she'll start crying again
I have seen my doctorand he told me that one thing it could be if she's formula fed is that the formula you have her on doesn't agree with her otherwise my doctor said some babies just cry and to leave them crying if you know nothing else is wrong with her.
I know how difficult it can be especially when it feels the crying won't end. It's distressing for you both. I have found the book by Tracy Hogg "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer", How to calm, connect & communcicate with your baby, has helped me. Quick example - she has compiled a brief table on pp 80-82 on baby's body language. Head - moves from side to side = Tired. Or turns to side & cranes neck mouth agage = Hungry.
Tracy mainly talks about putting your baby under 3 months on a 3 hrly feed routine during the day so you know if she's hungry. This in turn encourages longer sleep periods at night. My little boy is 11wks old & I've been trying her suggestions for less than two weeks. He is now sleeping at night for stretches of 6-10 hours. Good Luck & hang in there you'll be fine.

Bel, QLD, 3month Boy

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