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Very unsettled Lock Rss

Hi, my son Justin is nearly 5 weeks old, unfortunately I am no longer able to breast feed and we had to place him on formula. However we have noticed he is very unsettled after a feed, not always immediately after a feed, can be up to 30 min to hour and he will cry (sorry scream) for no reason (clean nappy has been burped etc) until he is picked up and rocked back to sleep. We then go through the same process nearly every hour on the hour till his next feed.

Has anyone gone through something similar with their child?



Hi Michelle I hope you have found a solution by now you poor thing but it sounds like either colic or reflux. I would recommend either speaking to your health nurse, gp or paediatrician about it. But what you are discribing is classic signs. Usually if they have reflux then they also have colic.
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