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3 month sleeping habits??? Lock Rss

Hi all.

I have a 3 month old girl( Caitlin) She is a great sleeper at night. It's just during the day. She will sleep 10 minutes, hear and there. I find by the end of the day she is SOOO tired and unsettled she's hard to get off to sleep, And get's herself quiet worked up.Although once she is at night she will sleep right through. Ive tried all the tricks. I guess i should be happy with the night time, but it makes my day hard, i also have a 3 yr old that needs my attention too!! I thought is was easier the 2nd time round??

I wish my little man would sleep through!! I have a 3.5 month old and he breastfeeds every 3 hours (no matter if it is day or night). During the day he is usually up for 1.5 hours and down for 1.5-2 hours but always wakes at the 45 minute mark and usually puts himself back off if not I resettle with his dummy. During the night he feeds and sleeps quite happily. I find it really hard doing the night feeds every 3 hours as I have a 21 month old that still wakes during the night.

You must be exhausted during the day!! The only thing I can suggest is letting her cry a little and also putting her in a sunlit room during the day and complete darkness during the night. But it sounds like you have her night and day routine happening alright...lucky you!!!
I guess you are allowing your babes to self settle during the day. I have gone cold turkey on rocking and wrapping. Lachlan is now 13 weeks and still unsettled during day sleeps but alot better at night. Get a copy of the book silent nights by Brian Symon if you can. He is a well known sleep doctor in SA. He has helped with us. Basically after Little mans roll over feed about 11.00am we do not go to him til after 6.00am. Of course knowing that he is well, gaining weight etc..

Mandy, SA 1mth baby

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