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Angry Baby Lock Rss

My little 6week old boy is a really restless sleeper and constally wakes himsef up ive tryed wrapping him up tight in a muslim wrap but he seems to still wriggle himself out, when i try to get him to sleep he waves his arms around and kicks and punches me and when i go to wrap him up to stop it he screams!!! Hes a good baby its just when i try to get him to sleep!! any suggestions or comments on whats wrong with him, mummy needs sleep too HELP!! Email me or write back.
[email protected]

Sarah, SA, 6week baby

Hi Sarah, we had the same problem with our baby when he was younger. We didnt know this was not normal. We took him to a chiropractor to help his reflux and they also fixed this. Of course this is a personal choice you could also try a osteopath.
I have a 1 month old and for the first two weeks it was taking my husband and I seven hours to settle him overnight. He was projectile vomiting at times and was very upset. I decided to try a Cranial Osteopath and she has worked wonders. She cured the projectile vomiting in two days and he is alot more settled and his sleeping pattern has improved.
Osteopathy does not involve any manipulation and is extremely gentle and relaxing for a baby.
Just a bit expensive.

Susan, NSW, 1mth baby

Hi my daughter was the same at that age so we got a saftey wedge (it has a long triangle along the back and a small one in the front) and lay her on her side in the middle of it unwrapped as she hated being wrapped, that way she could sleep on he side safely without rolling onto her tummy, she also suffered from reflux and was very 'spilly' so it was comforting to know she was on her side and wouldnt choke in her sleep, once she was treated for reflux she was heaps better.

Maybe your son is so restless because he doesnt like lying flat - most reflux babies dont so you could try elavating his cot.

Hope he gets better soon

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

My baby is now 10 weeks old and he sleeps throughout the night but only cat naps during the day. He's feeding every four hours and every night at 11:00 or 11:30, I wake him up and give him half a bottle and this seems to satisfy him enough to go back to sleep and stay asleep until anywhere between 7:30-9:00 in the morning.
My baby also hates being wrapped up, so what I do is lay him in his cot and put a sheet over him (just like you would put a sheet over yourself) and tuck it under the matress (with his arms under the sheet) tightly but loose enough for him to think his arms are free!!! So far this seems to work for me.
Recently I took him to a sleep centre and they showed me how to wrap him properly and if ever I do wrap him I now use the thermal blankets (that's what I call them anyway, but the blankets with all those holes in it) and I found that this also helped a lot. I hope I was helpful and that you get your much needed rest.
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