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Can anyone tell me what a dream feed is and how this works? My son is 5 months old and is'nt sleeping through the night as he still wakes for a bottle at about 5am,I am really after some help as his night and day sleeps are very diturbed.


Hi alisha,

My understanding of a dreamfeed is if you feed them without changing nappy whilst they are still really sleepy...this way they don't wake up at all really this works with my ds he is only 12 weeks though so he still wakes a couple of times through the night.

Good luck
A dream feed is when you get your baby up for a feed but you do not wake them. You do this feed at about 10.00/10.30pm. You do not talk to them, put the light on or change their nappy. There is an age where they recommened you stop dream feeds and i think it is about 5mths but will have to let someone else let you know ther correct age because im not sure.

Im just starting dream feeds, have done the last two nights and it appears to be working well, my son is 8wks old.

hope this helps

Hi Tamie,

Quick question - I've also got an eight week old though he's feeding every three hours (day and night. Example: 6.30pm, 9.30pm, 12.30pm, etc. So when would I do the dream feed!? At night he seems to be snacking so I know he's ready to drop a feed!


Christine - Olivia 8/04/06 & Christian 26/04/07

A dream feed is where you feed your bubba when/if they are asleep (if they wake I don't think it matters) it is supposed to make your baby fuller and so not to wake at 3am or something like that, its supposed to help to them sleep a bit longer.

Example of what I do with Skye:
7.30 bottle
8pm bed
10.30-11pm dream feed (sometimes shes awake sometimes shes sleeps a little)
some nights she sleeps from 11.30ish (after her dream feed) til morning (about 7.30-8am) other times she is awake at about 4 or 5am for another feed but she is only 1 month old so I don't mind too much if she wakes once.

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye

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