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Help, my boy won't sleep Lock Rss

I have a 9 week old baby boy who screams whenever he is put down to sleep or not being held and rocked to sleep. At first we thought it was colic or reflux but it has proven not to be he was tested for all sorts of things and have found out he is Lactose Intolerent and he is now on Lactose free formula. He is better at just being able to lie there when not tired but as for sleep he has to be rocked and if he isn't he will scream until picked up . Has anyone had this and if so what did you do? And also of a night he will only sleep for longer than 20mins if he is next to me in bed or on my chest if i am watching tv.


Kate, 4yr old girl, 2yr old boy &2 week old Caleb

Sorry I have no idea. My son does pretty much the same thing and he has reflux and colic but if he has been tested for these then I have no idea. I know that being latose intolerant can be very painful perhaps this is what is causing the problems even though he is on the right formula. I would either speak to your health nurse, GP or Paed to see if there is anything else you can do or if something else is wrong. Also I am sure there would be a support group that has a web site, it may help to do a search to see if it offers some suggestions.

Sorry I cant help any more then that.
Hes only 9wks old. He needs you near and the thought of you leaving him is unbearble. he thinks the world has ended.
The noise make him comfortable, your heartbeat as that to him was the most presios thing inside...but mainly your smell. Babies cant see very wel at this age so they rely on their other senses. I ended up putting him in his cot with a used pillowcase of mine. This worked wonders. The first week home he wasbeside my bed in his pram and I had to get upto him every hr or so. Id often leave my hand on him so he knew I was there casue he couldnt be near. I was told to put him down with a pillowcase of your pillow (a dirty one) put his under his head as you would a pillow and he gets the smell.
I did this in his pram for a few days and gradualy got him used to his own room during the day when I was awake.
After 2 weeks he slept soundly from 7 till 3 than a feed than through to 7 again. Ive never looked back.
I have him in all sunlight during the day, pitch black at night, I never rocked him to sleep, wrapped him tight in his blanket..but i didnt wash that unless he was sick. He has been sleeping from 7pm till 6am since he was 8 weeks old ( I began all this right away)
try the pillowcase, move his bed away from yours abit...and even try going to sleep with a radio on lightly. Keep it up for a week or so if you begin to se a slight change u know its working

mum to bayden 25/02/05

My little boy is now 11wks old & I had the same problem. I got him into a habit of falling asleep on me, which then became his problem when I wanted him to sleep in the cot. Last week I purchased a book from QBD for $27.95 by Tracy Hogg "The Baby Whisperer solves all your problems". Tracy talks about feeding & putting your baby to sleep in the cot. What I have done in the last week: I now have him on a 3hr feed routine during the day (this in turn has him sleeping at night for 6-10hrs). After each feed I watch for his tired signs (yawn, clenched fists & jerky arm & leg movements). I get him to his room by the 3rd yawn and I swaddle him. I have a quiet cuddle with him for 5mins or more before I put him in the cot. Then I sshhhh & pat him until he goes to sleep (hopefully). This can take me up to an hour to get him to sleep (sometimes more, & sometimes he's that tired I can't get him to sleep before he's due for his next feed). He's normally ok for the first 20mins, but gets very very cranky after this as now he's overtired. I do pick him up to settle him if his crying goes up a notch. If possible raise the base of your cot otherwise bending down for an hour will break your back. (My husband just drilled two pieces of wood to each end of the cot and sat the base on these so it's higher).
Hang in there, it's very hard but it's a problem that I started because I didn't know what I was doing. You will get better but you'll need heaps of patience.

Bel, QLD, 3month Boy

H my name is kirsten.I am writting to you because i have a 4 month old baby girl that had's the same problem as your baby the only differents is that she isnt lactose intollerent but she has silent reflux,and the only time she would sleep if she was rocked or picked,and enen sometime's i would have bring her into bed with me.then i heard of tresllian.So my mother said to me why dont i ring them and see what they can do for me to help my daughter to sleep.And they said they could help so they said it is a 6 day stay and they will help you and your baby boy.They have help my daughter out heaps now she sleep 4 to 5 hours at a time and she's goes to bed wraped up and she's falls asleep in just 5 min.So do you and your baby a favour and give tresillian a go they really do work.

kirsten,nsw 4mths baby

somtimes you have to leave them to scream... do you wrap him? keep wrapping or start again, it might help. If not some babies end up sleeping on their front... a friend of mine was always having her baby scream so she put him on his tummy to sleep and he has been fine ever since. i know they dont recomend it because of sids... but you could give it a go and see if it does work (under supervision) -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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