Can anyone tell me if its normal for babies routines to change dramatically at the three month mark? My baby was quite settled into her own routine (finally) and was having three good long sleeps a day (1.5 to 2 hours each) and sleeping from about 7pm to 7am each night. We had stopped telling people that she was a difficult baby and felt really on top of it. Then at 14 weeks everything changed. She stopped sleeping as well in the daytime and now will only sleep for .5 - 1 hour at a time. She wakes at least once every night for a feed and usually cries out at least another one time sometimes two (but resettles herself). We are tearing our hair out trying to get her back to what was normal! Some of the other mums I've talked to have experienced something similiar but their babies have settled back down again. Anyone got any tips to get things into a more settled pattern?