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sleeping with stuffy nose?? Lock Rss

Please help!my DS (2months)seems to have a stuffy nose. i have the drops with the little bulb bogger getter but it doesnt seem to be enough.(and he's gotten wise to me trying to get it up his nose) On top of that he had his shots on the wednesday too! was just getting him into a real good routine but it seems to have been blown out of the water because he keeps waking up to cough, sniff or grizzle. Has anyone got any suggestions to relieve any of his probs as i'm starting to hit the crazy point.

mother to not so lil'''' Angus 14-05-07 lol

a steam vapouriser will help if you have one, if not you could try a bowl of hot water in his room

steam vaporizer (asmentioned above) or a warm steamy shower for him! clears the nose and works wonders!!! unfortunately his too young for baby baslm or any products like that (3months is the starting age) but DEFINATLEY do the warm shower with him it works so well!!
If you are breastfeeding you could try putting breast milk up his nose ... my daughter had a stuffy nose and I was told to try breat milk and it worked a treat ... souds bizzare, but trust me it worked.

Lisa - Tyler (06/05), Emily (05/07)

Hi, I'm having the same problem as my daughter has a cold, and has the sniffels and a cough. My mum bought a vicks vaperizor, and it works ok, but I seem t think that it doesn't keep her asleep. As for your little trick Murphy75 I've never heard of that, so I'm going to try it tonight! I dont know how i'll go as I hate water up my nose, but I'll try it with her!! I'll post tomorrow to say if there is any difference!!
like everyone else has mentioned, use a steam vaperiser, it will help with the stuffy nose, my 12 week DD had a bad cold, and couldn't breath because of her blocked nose, but when i used the vaperiser,it cleared it up

you can aslo try elevating his bed wether its a basinette or a cot, this may help too....... its so hard when theyre this youge and sick, you end up feeling pretty helpless !!

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