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My baby won't sleep during the day!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I just have no idea why my baby won't sleep during the day. Just from a couple of days ago, she hasn't been able to sleep well during the day. I put her to sleep and she wakes up again within 10mins. This actually all started from the nappy rashes which she had on her bottom, but it's all better now and she still don't seem to be able to sleep during the day. luckily she sleeps well during the night (as in 3 hourly).

Would anyone be able to help me on this?
Hi Soohyun,
You are not the only one in this boat.
My 7week old son does not sleep through the day at all very well-it is a huge and very frustrating time.
Sometimes he may sleep for a good hour or so but most of the time it is a nap and I try for ages to resettle but by this time he is due for a next feed.
This becomes a vicious cycle.

During the dayI watch for the tired signs then wrap him,give him a kiss,close the blinds and place the dreaming cd on(and put dummy in his mouth).
Well you think this would work but he still cries and carries on.Sometimes I go back cuddle him and do the Shh Shh,pat.I learnt this in the book"The Baby Whisperer" by Tracey Hogg. It is a fantastic read.I highly recommend it if you have not got it.

My son has bronchilitis at the moment so I think that this is not helping him at the moment.
He sleeps very well in the pram whilst out shopping. Which I love doing and it relaxes me rather than being home and uptight.

My son sleeps well of a nightime.41/2hours then he wakes for a feed then puts himself off to sleep then reawakes 31/2 hours later for the early morning feed.

I think your bub's will soon settle back into her routine very soon if you continue doing what you use to with her.

Goodluck and let me know how you go.Keep up the good work.

Rachael.L XX

Mumma 2 Jett 17months

I have also had dreadful trouble with a catnapping daysleeping baby who maximum sleep period yesterday was 10 mins. He grizzled and cried, it was most frazzeling because his dad is working nights and I wanted them both to sleep. I went out this morning to purchase the DVD mentioned in earler posts (its time to sleep) but David Jones at bankstown did not have it nor had they heard of it (although on the DVDs website it listed the store as a supplier). I went to another store to look for it but no joy. I however did come home with a CD mozart for newborns,When it was played I instantly felt soothed. I played it while bubs (Zen, eight weeks) had his feed and a little play with dad then he was popped into his cot and he went straight to sleep, we heard him wake an hour later then he slept for another hour unassisted. This was a first for Zen. He woke at five had another bottle and little play and then straight back to sleep. Maybe the ambient atmosphere was all that was required in our case, anyhow its something else for you all to keep in mind.

sharon, mum to Zen born 27/05/05

hi there, i have the same problem, my son does not sleep during the day either, i dont know why this is but he's been sleeping through the night since he was 2months old. i try to put him down but just does not sleep more than 10-15 min.
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