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My son is 6 weeks old and just last week started not sleeping during the day he has little 5-30 min naps but wont sleep longer andf wakes up crying cos he is so tired and needs to sleep...i dont know what to do with his cos he is just grumpy...and one more thing when people say they play with their baby what do they mean...i dont know how to play with him...dont know what im doin a first time mum and just want to know how everyone else plays with their babies...sorry i might sound dumb..
Hi there,

Being a first time mum can be very hard. I found alot of things are trial and error.

At 6weeks its hard to play with your bub as their awake period isnt usually that long (which it is in your case!!)and over stimulation can lead to a very grumpy and hard to settle baby.

My DD is 14weeks and I play with her on the play mat, things like peek-a-boo and just call her name and move my head from side to side so that she follows it. Its never to early to read to your bub, the earlier the better I think.

As far as the sleeping goes have you tried soft lullaby's in his room or a bath followed by a massage just before bed? I know you cant do this everytime but Im guessing by your post if he had at least one good day sleep things would be better. If all else fails pop him in the pram or the car and then you both get out, it just breaks the day up a bit.


Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

thanks ittybittychicki's i will try to do the walking in the pram or going out..he hates baths as he screams like there's no tomoro... i will try that tomoro and see what happens ..thanxxxx smile
Another thing you could try is having a bath with your son. I have a bath with my 3 month old & he loves having me to amuse him. It makes them feel safer. You could also try walking around the house, looking in the mirror or going outside & sitting in the shade & talking to him. They just love being around you & listening to you. Best of luck.

Im in the exact same situation. I am a first time mum too and I really struggle with everything! I must be doing an ok job as my little one laughs alot, but if she doesnt sleep during the day, she is one grumpy girl. I have been trying everything to get her to sleep from rocking the bassinet and letting her cry no more than 10min with me soothing her etc etc, but im still unsure of whats right. Im thinking it must be consistency and time as ive tried everything else.
I have the same problems with the day time sleeps! it's a damn nuisance!!! ....I'd suggest trying to put your baby in the pram when it wakes after the nap and start walking to encourage further sleep. works for me...although it's 1) knackering and 2) may encourage too much weight loss and perhaps affect your milk so be mindful of has worked for me to increase my baby's sleep from 20 mins to 45 mins in one's not much but it's better. the other thing is perhaps giving your baby more frequent sleeps or getting hold of a book called "sleep right sleep tight" which has some good teaching to sleep techniques in it. oh and swaddling mayb help if you don't already.

I do know that play at this age is really the contact you have when you breastfeed or bottle feed and looking in their face and touching, smiling, facial expressions, singing and gentle masage. their awake time is really only up to about an hour at this age. my baby who is now 19 weeks only really started interacting with toys around 10 weeks so don't worry about the stimulation just yet...

you're not dumb! this mumma caper is so hard and there is so many shoulds out there that keep us first time mums worrying about what we're not doing or should be doing or are doing wrong. it's harder than I ever imagined!!! thank god for the hot shower at the end of thr day!

hope that helps.

If you fancy a laugh, visit my blog which is basically a collection of observations and rantings about motherhood, people and the mundane. See

one more baby HATED the bath for the first 3 months. I dreaded bath time and the screaming and panic that came every time that he only got bathed once a week!!! then I saw a DVD that my CHN leant me about settling and in there it suggested getting a clean cloth nappy and wrapping the baby in it (kinda like a loose swaddle) and then putting the baby wrapped in the bath like that. I sand "yellow submarine" to him ( don't laugh!!) and tried o maintain eye contact with him the whole bath time for encouragement. over the days I bathed at a regular time and slowly slowly over 2 weeks loosened the swaddle until one day just didn't have to use it for his security anymore. he's now 4.5 months and doesn't cling to me or the bath anymore and the fear and the screaming are gone. he just lies there sucking his fingers and occasionally kicks and it's a very pleasent daily experience now.

definitely worth a try.

If you fancy a laugh, visit my blog which is basically a collection of observations and rantings about motherhood, people and the mundane. See

My 8 week old will only sleep for 45 mins a time during the day, she then feeds and stays up for 1 hourish. She sleeps fine at night ie 4-5 hour blocks. Any ideas?

On the bathing problems, my girl hates the bath and screams unless we go in with we have baths at the weekend and she showers with Dad every morning during the week - and loves it!!
I have exactly the same problem when it comes to day sleeps. My daughter Isabelle is 2 months old now and she just doesnt like to sleep during the day. She has the 5-30 minute naps as well. It's so frustrating as it's hard to get anything done. The house is all cluttered and often I forget about lunch.
I don't get it as she sleeps so well at night, waking only once for a feed at about 4-5ish. I feel as if I've tried everything. But maybe that's the problem. Maybe I need to stick to just one approach.
As for playing... I just do whatever I can to make her smile. I talk to her and make silly noises and faces. I sing and kiss and cuddle her. I'm a first time Mum too.
Gotta go, as the 30 minutes are up, and I need to resettle my baby! sad
My DD had the same problem. She slept ok at night but only slept for 40mins (on the dot) at a time during the day.
How are you settling your baby to sleep. If you are aiding (rocking, patting, feeding, dummy) your baby to sleep this could be the problem. We were cuddling our DD to sleep. Then we heard about this book 'Save our sleep'. It explains the importance of self settling and routines. We sterted following her routines and did the self settling and it worked wonders for us. Within a few weeks ahe was sleeping through at night and has 2, 2 hour sleeps in the day as well as a 45-60 min nap in the afternoon.
Once the bub learns to self settle then they will be able to resettle themself when they wake up after their 40 min sleep cylce.
Worked for us!
Hope this helps.
Hi - I'm a new mum too (bub 17 weeks) and was all prepared for being up all night etc - however like all of you I have a baby that has slept at night but not in the day - it drives you crazy and everyone says "Just be glad that he sleeps all night" when you discussing this situation. I AM glad he sleeps at night but between week 6 and 11 he was a nightmare - and so was I and the house. He too cried unless I held him and he is a big boy so I got very tired. I was desperate and then someone gave us "Save our Sleep" and it was really great. I started wraping him again (he hated it at first) and taught him how to put himself off to sleep using the leave and roll/pat method. Although I now have a baby that can put himself off to sleep he still cat naps in the day - I get one longer sleep in the morning and two shorter ones for the other too. I know how hard it is to entertain them when really they do nothing but lie and look. I spoke to my GP and Ped and they said it can also be developmental - somebabies will sleep longer once they strt to do more and this does apply to my fellow in some ways. I have also started Baby Gym class (which you can start at 7 weeks) and I thought it was crazy at first but it taought me two things 1) how to exercise my baby so he is more tired and 2) great massage techniques.

Being a mum is the hardest thing I have ever done and the non day sleepers seem to be occuring more and more. Keep up your sprits - I know it is really hard (I cried a lot during those 4 - 5 weeks). Fingers crossed as they get older and move more they will get more tired. At just over 4 months I have a baby that sleeps little from 10am onwards until he goes down at 7pm and then sleeps for 10 - 11 hours straight - this is my up side to the day! Good luck - we will be thinking of you.

Cheers, Clare
PS - If you have a family member or friend that could come over for a few hours once a week to nusr/play with your baby to give you a break that can help too - or even sleep school!
Ahh... this is soooo familiar to me. My bub is now 14 weeks (today) and he was not one to sleep during the day at all. The fact that I have time to write this shows you that things can change.

My bub would sleep through the night from about 5 weeks but wouldn't sleep more than say 1 hour COMBINED during the day time. Like everyone else, I couldn't get anything done, the house was a mess and I was sick of people telling me how lucky I was that he slept at night and I shouldn't complain.

When it got to about 4pm my bub would turn into the devil. He would be very grizzly and this would escalate all afternoon and evening. By 9pm it was constant screaming and he was inconsolable.

We got a referral to Tresillian and honestly it was the best thing we did. We only went for the day time course (other places offer similar in other states to NSW I believe) and it was just brilliant.

They helped me realise that in between sleep cycles during the day, what I thought was crying was actually him just having a winge and if I consoled him and then left him he would then try to go into the next sleep cycle. It was only a few little tweaks we had to do but it worked. First day he slept more than ever before and it kept improving until now where he will sleep anywhere between 2-3 hours between feeds. There is no more arsenic hour in house as he is rested and refreshed all the time. I have my sanity and we no longer have tumbleweeds of fluff up the hallway as I can do housework now. He is sooo much more contented in everything.

My advice is if things aren't improving seek professional help. It was the best thing we did. It just helps to have someone who is an expert on daytime wakefulness to assess you and how you settle your child. I thought by him being awake in his cot and grizzling he wanted to be up and play - so that is what we did. On the play mat, under the mobile, reading books, watching baby einstein. In actual fact we were overloading him and he was overstimulated and overtired.

Hope this helps in someway and good luck!
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