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I was at the shop with my first baby not long after she woke and at the shops she started hiccuping and some woman leant over and told me she was tired. I just smiled and nastily thought "she just woke stupid!".....then she promptly fell asleep in the pram!!
Little did i know that lady did me the biggest favour. I started taking note of when my baby hiccuped and sure enough down she would go to sleep easily.
My second child i used to put in her cot with her special blankie as soon as she started hiccuping and she would put herself to sleep - just magic!!
My oldest is 3 now and she will still hiccup when tired so it always works.
I wish all mothers lots of good sleep and i hope this helps!


Mother of 2 ivf girls Kadie Rose 24 May 2004 and
Taya Makaylee 3 April 2006 and
5-7 weeks gestation with a naturally fallen pregnancy!
Good luck to those seeking more children - we feel very greedy at the moment!

Mum of Kadie Rose, Taya Makaylee & Tianah Reubie

I don't think this works for my DD. She sleeps like a champion day and night, so tiredness isn't too much of an issue with her. She hiccups often but its not when she's tired - usually when she has been laughing etc. She definitely has her tired signs, but hiccuping doesn't seem to be one of them.
My CHN nurse told me that some babies just hiccup alot, and it doesn't necessarily mean something.
Guess all kids are different though! smile

My DD is 4 months old and I too have noticed that she hiccups before she is due for a sleep. It doesn't happen all of the time but when she does have them she's soon fast asleep smile

Emma SA - Briar 15/03/07

Firstly, congratulations on your natural pregnancy, it's a blessing when possible!

With my youngest child (now two months old) he hiccoughs... on a regular basis. Normally when he's eaten too much though, and they always aggravate him! He gets obviously annoyed at the hiccoughs, and I've found that with him, I have to hiccough right back at him to take his mind off his own issue... and then he relaxes enough to settle

I will keep a closer eye on his tiredness levels when he hiccoughs, however so far he hasn't gone to sleep shortly after a bout - although that may be because he gets so annoyed it wakes him up again LOL
My little one hiccups quite a bit but doesn't sleep much during the day... must see if she will go to sleep once the hiccups start ... will be interesting to see if it is a tired sign. Thanks for the tip

Hi! Thanks for the tip. My DD regularly hiccups just as I'm wrapping her for a nap and I always think "oh man, now you're never going to get to sleep. Why do you always do this?" but of course she promptly falls asleep & I forget about my reaction until the next time so I've never made a link. Now
I know!

Mummy to Andrea 27/04/07

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