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Obsessed by dummy Lock Rss

I have a 10 week old little boy who is obsessed with his dummy. My first son had a dummy just for sleeping till he was 2 and we had no problems with it. With my second son he will only go to sleep if he has it in his mouth. This is not a problem until he stirs 30 minutes later and it is no longer in his mouth, causing him to wake and need to be resettled. I have tried taking it out once he is asleep so it doesn't wake him when it drops out, I've tried putting on relaxing music in the room so that when he stirs it is still playing and it might lull him back off, I've tried taking it off him altogether and he becomes so hysterical it doesn't seem worth it....does anybody have any other suggestions?

Jodie, mum to Jonesy & Logie Bear

One of my friends had that problem and the clinic nurse threw all the dummies in the bin... she had little sleep for about 5 days and then he started settling himself to sleep. I'm blessed with a bub that once the dummy falls out he doesnt care, he stays asleep. You might be best asking the nurse at the early childhood clinic for advice

Bouncing baby boy 17/05/05

let him play with it... i had a friend who had a baby like this, she ended up giving her son 3 dummies one for each hand and one for his mouth, he would end up wanting to put them all in his mouth and in the end would give up.

Just a suggestion... hope you work something out. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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