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When did your baby sleep through the night? Lock Rss

Hi there

I know everyone has a different opinion of what 'sleeping through' is, but my baby has been sleeping in 6 hour stretches during the night since she was 3 weeks old. Now at nearly 5 weeks, she is sleeping 8-10 hours straight early inthe night (from 7pm) and then has a 4 hour sleep til breakfast time.

Every other post I've read has been about parents trying to get their baby to sleep through, has any one else had their baby sleep through early?

I hope no one thinks I am bragging, I'm just curious as I feel extremely lucky to have such a good sleeper (at the moment, she is subject to change at any time hehe)

Hey there Jess,
My name is Cyndi/Cynthia, I have a 11 week old and he sleeps through the night, well he has done, last night I put him down at 9.30pm and he woke at 4am, but the 2 nights before that he slept from 9.30pm to 6.30am,.. He only sleeps for a max of 3 hours during the day because he is a 3 hourly feeder during the day,.. I hope this helps you, you're not the only one,.. He has slept through from about 6 weeks and this is only because he has reflux,...

Cyndi Boulton

Hi Jess
My DD started sleeping 7hr stretches at about 4-5 weeks.
Then around 7-8 weeks, she started sleeping 10+ hours.
My DD slept from 6pm till 2-3am (then asleep again 'till 6am) at 4 weeks. She slowly woke later untill she was doing 6pm till 4-5am but 6 weeks or so and was consistantly doing 6 till 6 by about 12weeks.
But always woke her for feeds (except at night after 4 weeks).
I just saw your post. I don't like to tell people that my bub is a great sleeper cause most people think im bragging, i usually just keep that info to myself but since your asking my bub has been sleeping from 8pm till 8am since she was 8 weeks old (sometimes she wakes for a 5am feed), she is now nearly 6 months. I don't know why she is such a good sleeper, she must be lazy like her daddy. Im not complaining!!
[Edited on 25/08/2007]
My baby girl has been sleeping through since 8 1/2 weeks. She sleeps around 10 1/2 hours a night from around 9pm to 7.30am. She was waking only once a night from around 5 weeks but dropped that 2-3am feed at 8 1/2 weeks and never looked back. She's 13 weeks now and last night went 12 hours from 8.30pm to 8.30am. It was her first night in her cot and I was worried she would have an unsettled night due to the change from her bassinette but it seems she loves her new bed. It was a nice sleep in seeing it was a Saturday morning and there was no alarm to wake us up!

I can totally understand how someone who is sleep deprived would hate to hear this but I don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating amongst ourselves. We are very lucky!



My daughter Morgan is now 8 weeks she started sleeping 7-8 hrs straight thru at 3 weeks she now sleeps from 7.30pm and wakes somewhere between 5-8am so sometimes l get 10 hours sometimes l get 12 hours. She also only has 3 feeds thru the day and spends a lot of daylight hours awake just watching the world go by, l think a noisy 16 mth old sister has helped her to get into such a great routine. Also we taught Morgan to self settle at 2 weeks.

melissa,VIC, jessica 05/05/06 morgan 02/07/07


Our daughter Lexi is not the best day sleeper (afraid she'll miss out on something) she'll have occasional days where she sleeps all day then other days like today that she fights sleeping and at around this time 5-6pm likes to cry the house down as she is over tired.

But on the up side the last week she has stated sleeping through the night, usually only woke once for a 3am feed anyway which i didnt mind.

I put her to sleep in her rocker after her 7.30pm feed, then i top her up with a small amount at about 10pm before i put us to bed, then she'll stir at about 4-5am as she has pulled her arm out of swaddling and needs to be reswaddled (stays asleep through it all) then she wakes at 6.30am as thats when my husband leaves for work, i get her up at 7am for a play under her playgym while i shower and she feeds at 7.30am. Shes a great alarm clock for the school week but it sucks on weekends as i can never get a sleep in, cant have it all!!!!

I feel so lucky, as i have a friend whos baby is 2 days older and i was just speaking to her on the phone today and she was so excited to tell me her daughter finally went over night sleeping for 4hrs straight, i didnt tell her Lexi has been sleeping through the night as i didnt want to make her feel bad gasp(

Our 1st born was a great sleeper from day 1 UNTIL teething started at 6mths boy was that hard as he was a bad teether, fingers crossed for little Lexi hope history doesnt repeat itself!!!!!!

Ace Ethan 6yrs, Lexi Montana 4 1/2mths

My DD started sleeping through at 12 weeks. She usually only fed once a night before that. Bedtime has always been at 645pm and sleeps till 7am on the dot!
ALthough I did wake her for a dreamfeed (at 1030pm) until she was 6 momths old.
It sure makes you feel grateful when speaking to other mums with bubs that are still waking several times during the night!
My twin boys are great sleepers they slept through (8-10hrs) at 2.5wks old, there now 14.5mths and still never wake during the night.

Xavier & Zion 21/6/06 & Levi 5/5/08

Last night was the first night my little girl slept through the night. She is nine weeks old today. For a couple of weeks she has only woken for one feed anywhere between 12 and 3am, but last night just kept sleeping. I had to express some milk because i thought i would explode! Anyway its nice to be getting some really good sleep. Good to hear the other great stories!

My DD slept through 6 hours from 4 weeks and has been sleeping 10-11 hours also from 9 weeks - she is 12 weeks today. Like you she feeds at 7-8.00am and is back to bed for 3-4 hours. You're not bragging - you just don't hear much about babies who are good sleepers and it does make you feel like just keeping your mouth shut for fear of sounding like a bragger!!! I feel I deserve it as my DD#1 was a shocking night sleeper until 3 months - up every 2-3 hours as she was a hungry baby.
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