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before or after EDD? Lock Rss

hey ladies,
just really curious was your bubs born before or after your EDD?
and was it your first second third etc bubs?
Hey there, I will go first. Was over by two weeks and so was induced. First bub as well.

Just had my first and both my period date and u/s dates were the same, 21st August but DD was 10 days late. OB was going to induce on 30th August but my waters broke and went into labor on my own the night of 29th August and had him at 7:16 30th August.

DD premmie at 32+5... it was horrible!
First bubs was before EDD, and second before EDD.
DD was born 4 days after my due date, she was my first.


First bub was born on his EDD.

Second bub was born 4 days after his EDD. I thought he would come early as I had pains/discomforts a lot earlier in my pregnancy but he was late!!!

All the best.

Our first, was born 3 days after EDD...

My DD was 3 days before her EDD, apparently only 5% of babies come on the due date they give you. A week either side of it would be more accurate.
My first bub DS was born 2 weeks late and 2nd bub DD was 2 weeks early!

All three of mine were born before EDD.

DS- 7 days early
DD1- 10 days early
DD2- 5 days early

my DD was born 2 days before EDD.. she made it just before the cut off for school year (wen she starts)

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