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Hi everybody,
My 2 week old son has his body clock in reverse. He is a great little sleeper during the day however at night he wants to party and often results in a cranky overtired baby. I would sleep during the day when he does but i have 2 x 3 yr olds that do not want to sleep the day away. Has anybody got any suggestions to try and get his sleeping reversed - I am breast feeding and would be really happy to demand feed 2-3 hourly during the night if i just got a break and a bit of sleep between. Any stories and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Hi congrats in your new bub!
It is normal for newborns to sleep more during the day and more wakeful at night.. Its apparently because in the pregnancy we rock them to sleep all day by walking around all day.
It takes a while for them to realise that night time is for sleeping. What we did was to feed our bub every 3 hours in the day (wake her up even) so she was not sleeping too much and was getting enough milk in the day so she didnt want to feed all night!
We also taught our DD to self settle... this made the world of differnce (started at 8 weeks and a few weeks later she started sleeping through and still is sleeping 7pm-7am). Made it soooo much easier.
Best of luck.
This may seem cruel but have you considered waking your bub up in the day. It might seem mean but it could help keep your sanity in the long run. Also, during day sleeps keep baby in louder environment with brighter lights. Then at night keep everything as quiet and dark as possible.

Have you considered trying a routine? There are a few spoken about on the forum. Check it out.
My baby girl is doing the sme thing, she is 5 weeks old. I am waking her 3 hourly during the day and am just getting about 6 hours now at night after having a bath later as well to relax her for the night time, I would suggest even a bath at the 9pm timeslot if suits the feedtime . i have only done that once but i usually bath as late in the arvo as i can.. My Dd was 5 weeks early so in special care they time the feed and do not go a minute over that time, it was just a bit harder as when we were coming home i needed hr to be at least 4 hourly feeds, but it is starting to work out now.. good luck.
My first born did this and I was told to only wrap him for sleep, to keep him in the light during the day and to wake him for feeds in the day. also to try to let him sleep else where in the day such as the lounge, but as u ahve 3 yr old sthat might be hard as it is in my hosue right now with a 2 and 3 yr old. I htink the main thing is to help bub distinguish betwene light and dark time. Goodluck

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