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Does anyone else have a nearly three month old that is ready for his big sleep {through the night} at around 5pm or thereabouts? sometimes my son will have his last feed at around 3pm and since he is not interested in a feed usually until at least 3hours or more has passed he will be asleep before he is due for another. He will wake up at least once during the night for a feed and be up by 5:30 am.
He dosen't like to be up later than 6pm in the evening if he is not in his cot by then or he just whinges . He no longer sleeps much during the day anymore which I don't mind cause then I just play with him.
My 4 month old son is ready for his big sleep (only 5 hours) by 6.30pm. If I don't put him to bed then he also gets very whingey. Lately my daughter has started doing the same when originally she would stay up until 9-10. They wake up during the night for a feed and go straight back to sleep. They are usually ready to get up around 7am. I have tried changing their sleep patterns but it doesn't work.

Tammy, mum of twins, Madeline & Patrick

my daughter is now 3 1/12 months old. she was going to bed at round 9.00pm quite happily until about 2 weeks ago, then all of sudden at 8.00pm she was whingy and we would have a screaming match for an hour and nothing would console her.

I have now changed her routine. she has a bath/shower at 6.30pm, I feed her and the rock her to sleep. by 7.30pm, she is sound asleep in her cot. she sleeps usually until around 12.30 (no later).

When she wakes I feed her in the dark and have her back in bed within an hour. she then sleeps to between 4.30 and 6.00am. I feel that the full night sleep is now not too far away (just in time foe winter - I hope!!!!).


My baby girl is 3 months old this week and usually goes down for at least 10hours a night.
Generally she'll have her last feed about 6:30pm and go down about 7:30pm to sleep unitl 6:30am (i had to wake her at 6:30am today because i get worried she is sleeping too long without a feed and even after i woke her she didn't scream for food).
Sometimes she will wake at 5am but never any earlier.
I have to say, she is an angel. After i get that great sleep i'm a much happier mummy!
Brianna doesn't sleep much through the day either so we play heaps, but that's okay, it is fun for me and she is really advanced for it too. She is asleep at the moment though and has been for 3 hours. So she sometimes sleeps in the day. She is happier if she does get that extra rest!
my baby boy is also three months and usually sleeps around 10hrs through the night giving everyone a good night sleep . ill still get up in the middle of the night to check that he is ok and that his blankets havent taken him! joshua feeds from 6.30 - 7.30am and has 5 feeds 3-3/12 depending apart, the feed, play, sleep usually works and sometimes i mistake his tiredness for thing he also does do alot of is sleep much through the day say 1-1/2 and thats it , so i have to play heaps to get him tired. but im usually the first one to fall alseep first.


mother of joshua born AUG 28 2003

My son is 3mths old and sleeps right through the night he has since he was about 1 1/2 mths old but now he can go to bed at 7pm and wake up at 6am if he happens to wake through the night we tuck him back in snuggly. i also have a jolly lumper which tires him out to so if i have anything i need to do i put him in and he amuses himself.
sometimes he may need a top up but very rarely.


Melissa,VIC, 3yr Old Boy & 3mth Baby Boy

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