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Sleeping during the day Lock Rss

My son is 10 weeks old, and ever since I've brought him home from the hospital, I'm lucky if he sleeps for 40 mins after every bottle. At first I put it down to noises then to wind as he does suffer from wind alot! I probably shouldnt complain as now he sleeps all night long, from around 8pm till 5.30am. I have noticed in alot of other comments regarding wind etc to take them to the chiro, I myself go, but have never really thought of taking someone so young, but now I think I probably should give it a go, as you can tell he still gets very tired during the day. Do you think taking him to the chiropractor is a good idea? I have been told that babies should get more rest during the day. Would love to hear your comments.
My baby is 12 weeks old and he sleeps through the night also approx. from 10pm to 8am. During the day he doesn't sleep much at all. Sometimes he'll have a 40 min sleep in the morning and one in the afternoon. Other times he will have a 2-3 hour sleep in the afternoon. I just go with what he seems to want and I try not to stress myself out with making him sleep if he doesn't want to. Every baby is different and so are their sleep patterns. Try not to worry too much and enjoy a full nights sleep, as we are fortunate to get one! smile

SA, 2 boys

My baby girl has been doing the same thing going from 8/ 9 pm to about 530/630am and I to thought it was a concern that she wasn't getting enough sleep during the day she also suffers alot of wind but its not the wind that keeps her awake during the day she just wants to know whats going around her. After speaking with a few people they all say that I am lucky to have her sleep in such big blocks at night and she probably does her sleeping all in one hit,and told me to try not to force her into sleep during the day cat napping may be enough for her. So I just let her do exactly that, it might not be the routine I want but it is what she is happy doing so I just let it be.

Deb, Vic

Wow, you have just discribed my baby to a T.

She'll sleep from about 8 or 9 pm until about 6 or 7 am. After a feed sometimes she'll go down for another hour and if I'm very lucky she'll sleep for 3 to 4 hours mid afternoon but that is very rare.

She cat naps for 15 minutes here and there. It wouldn't be such a bother if she didn't get cranky and tired all the time. I have to rock or pat her for ages just to get her to have a nap and then she'll wake up 15 minutes later either screaming or grinning.

At night she goes down fairly well and if she wakes she can put herself back to sleep. During the day she'll just start crying. I think she has only ever put herself to sleep once during the day.

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