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Ok this is scary.
My mums friend was looking after another friends 2yo DD.
She fed DD and put her in the Porta cot to sleep on her back.
DD threw up, choked on her vomit and died.
PLZ if a 2yo CANT turn their head HOW CAN A NEWBORN.
Years ago mum was telling me babies were put on their sides to sleep alternating sides everytime u put them down with a towel rolled up behind their back.
i am NOT telling you u have to do this but i just wanted to let you know.

i also know of an 18 month old baby that choked and died on their own vomit while sleeping
These are both tragic and make me nervous as my baby is a sound back sleeper but I take some comfort from research centres like the Nartional Institution of child health and human development who say:

"Healthy babies automatically swallow or cough up fluids. There has been no increase in choking or other problems for babies who sleep on their backs. "

I only hope they are right!

wow that is a terrible tragedy and scary.
I sleep my babies on their backs, slightly tilted witha roll pillow, they have always tunre dtheir head to the side anyway.

my mum syas its so dif and it depend so what year u ahve ur baby as to how u r told ot slepe ur baby. in hosp after having my 3rd son a few weeks ago, in the night a midwife said put him on his side and roll a blanket up for his wind and then i got yelled at in the morn by a doif midwife for having him on his side.
Its really confusing and as long as u r comfortable with how ur baby sleeps then everything should be ok.
go with ur gut instinct


It's posts like these that really annoy me to no end.

The reason they annoy me: scaremongering is not something mums (and dads if they are reading the forums), especially NEW mums, need to read. There is so much that we are learning and trying to cope with as it is without posts saying "Hey, YOUR BABY COULD DIE! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS BABY!"

The recommendation by SIDS experts is to sleep babies on their backs and that, as far as I am aware, is still the safest way for your bub to sleep. I am just hoping that there aren't other new mums that read this thread and are now scared to sleep bub on their back and/or are running to check every 5 minutes to see that they haven't 'vomited and choked'.
Reading this post honestly frightened the hell out of me.
Hi there,

If you would like to read some third party information on safe sleeping practices I have included some Huggies site links. The information in the below links has been provided by SIDS and Kids Australia.

Sids & Kids Safe Sleeping

Making Your Baby's Cot

Huggies Forum Moderator

[Edited on 26/10/2007]

Not a good thing to poston here with all us new mums reading it..We all know bad things can happen and we all worry about our babies
How do u expect us to sleep at night posting that kind of crap on here...
Not happy i thought this was supposed to be supportave not a scary place!!

My baby is georgeous!!

i totally agree with the last few posts! it is the absolutly wrong thing to place on here. i am a 1st time mum to a gorgeous son and the last thing i need to read is that someones child choked on vomit. after reading this comment, i now get paranoid about my son laying on his back to sleep! WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! i still lay him on his back but im constantly checking him! i dont have time to do this when i could be doing other things. thanks for trying to do the right thing or whatever but not nessasary i think...

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