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What does it mean when Lock Rss

Hi guys
What does it measn when you are BF and the bubs keeps pulling off and crying! I initially thought it was wind but i don't think it is anymore. I went out on the weekend to a wedding and left my 8 week old DD with her Nanna and several expressed Breastmilk bottles. I was gone for about 8 hours and she didn't feed until about 2 hours after i got home. Now i feel as though my supply has dropped. Is this possible or is it my imagination:? Would a lack of supply make her pull off constantly?

Mummy to Lily

Breast feeding is tricky! I have days when I feel that my supply is down (especially when tired or stressed). I hardly ever have engorged breasts but that does not mean that the supply is low.

I would get in contact with a Lactation Consultant in your local area through your public hospital/early childhood clinic/family care cottage. They do home visits and continue to monitor you and your baby. I had another visit from mine today and she said my supply seemed fine even though my breasts aren't hard.

Does your baby take a bottle usually? If not, maybe that is why she didn't feed while you were gone. My husband has tried twice to give our baby a bottle but she fussed about and only took it when I gave it to her. I guess she is so used to looking at me and hearing my voice if you know what I mean.

As for pulling off and crying, she might have trouble sucking like mine does. I need to feed with nipple shields (hence the home visit).

I hope some of this might help? You are doing a great job, good luck to you...
i found kayla doing this at time and theb other times feeding for half an hour off for 5 minutes and feeding forever again. It turned out tht i had a great milk supply but kayla was a lazy baby and didnt wanna suk the milk into the nipple to feed.

Give the australian breast feeding association a call. They will put you in touch with a counsellor who will be able to give you some advice. There is a different number for every state so check their website.
It might just be that she's not hungry? And some bubs just don't like a bottle no matter what's in it.
Good luck, just keep at it.
My son when through stages where he just refused to get on. Was a bit heartbreaking but after some encouragement he would give in and get on happily.
Hi guys
Thanks for all your help!
She doesn't normally need bottles, only if i am going out somewhere and she is being looked after but normally i am back before she needs a feed. She has always been a good feeder. Latches on fine and eats as much as she likes then falls asleep. It has only been this last week that she has started this pulling off stuff! She also has changed from not wanting to sleep at night and just feeding constantly to not wanting to sleep during the day and feeding constantly but as i said, not feeding well.
I have a health centre appointment today so i will ask thre midwife and see if she has any ideas!
Thanks again

Mummy to Lily

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