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I used Avent bottles for my last bub, i am looking at the new tommee tippee ones as they look like a fantastic design. Can anyone recommend any particular as i have seen all the new mam, tommee, etc ones.
ive been using the closer to nature bottles they are great! its so much easier to combine breast and bottle feeding (if you choose to do this) and also the babies dont seem to swallow as much air as the Avent. I wasted so much money buying the avent bottles, only used then for a couple of days i found the teats were too fast even with the newborn ones.
Hello bubbasmama,
I had the avent bottles (son hated and didnt take them) the new tommee tippee bottles with the nipple that soft and flexes and is like a boobie - he took the first time and have had no probs what so ever. they are great!!! I SAY GO TOMMEE TIPPEE!!!!

let me know how you go and what you decide

babyd x
Yep definately the Tommee Tippee Clsoe to nature bottles. As I am still brestfeeding I have had to express a couple of times, an this is the only bottle he will take. I had the avent bottles for my 1st son and found the were too fast and he was very unsettled, we then changed to another brand. Now my new son wont even have a bar of them either. I find even at 20wks the new born teat on Tommee Tippee to be fine as he really works to suck out the milk.


hi,i swear by the nuk bottles.used them with the first tried tommee for my second and my opinion is the teats are too fast causing wind pains.since changing to nuk no probs.
I've used the Tommy Teepee bottles for my baby since birth! They are easy to clean and, i agree, a great design.
I purchased them prior to the birth of my daughter as I intended to breastfeed, however, when I never got any milk I stuck to them.
I highly recommend them and wish you all the best!

P.S - Ensure you purchase a Tommy Teepee steraliser, as these bottles don't fit into the Avent steraliser (microwave)
They are too big xxx


Am i the only advent fan?? I think they are great..easier to clean than Tommee. I also found the Tommee teat to "cave in" all the time (much like my inverted nipples..hence one of the reasons i like to bottle feed!!). Also, to store in nappy bag or bottle insulator advent are a much better fit. But...ultimately the decision rests with your baby!!! Some are fussy and just like a particular brand. Maybe buy one of a few diff brands to try before making the 6 bottle investment.
Tommee Tippee is a fantastic designed bottle, but according to mine personal experience I preferred BPA free bottle for better health of my child.
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