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HELP, POO PAIN !!!!! Lock Rss

I'm hoping someone out there has some ideas to relieve my DD's ( 4 wks ) wind pain, we havent had a relaxed feed in days, she is constantly doubling up with pain and even screams out in pain when it gets too much to bare, I feel so helpless, does anyone have any tips on what I can do to either stop the wind building up or to relieve it faster for her? I am trying Infacol at the moment with only a little success. I have tried massage etc, I am even trying to drink peppermint tea to see if that will go through me to her via milk for some relief, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

YOu may need to look at what you are eating. I tried everything you said but it didn't seem to do a great deal. I've cut out chocolate sad, caffeine and green vegetables like cabbage, brocolli etc. which create wind. The biggest thing that seems to affect DS is ONION!! If I don't eat any he has a great day, next day I may have some and he is in so much pain poor thing, same for capsicum I'm starting to think also. THere is a list of culprit foods from Dr Sears' website.

"Here is a list of foods that may be the culprit. You can eliminate all foods at once or just a few at a time, depending on how severe. It sometimes takes up to two weeks for a food to get out of your system, so be patient. Good luck!

* Dairy products
* Caffeine – coffee, tea, soda
* Soy products
* Peanuts
* Shellfish
* Chocolate (sorry!)
* Citrus fruits
* Wheat
* Chicken
* Beef
* Eggs
* Nuts
* Corn
* Prenatal vitamins (The iron may be irritating to baby. Ask your OB for an alternative if this is the culprit.)
* Gassy vegetables:
o Broccoli
o Cauliflower
o Cabbage
o Onions
o Green peppers
o Tomatoes"

hi donna i have been having the same probs with my little cody who is one month old although i am not breast feeding I have been using "corams" gripe water wich you get at safeway supermarket or the chemist and its been a god send..he is settling beautifully and sleeping up to 4-6 hours. Good luck and I hope this helps as its heartbreaking watching your little one in pain and discomfort.

Thanks for your reply Kell Bell
Holy crap! thats all the staples out! I'm trying to eat healthier and I'm the one giving her the pain!!!! Ive been eating those vegetables nearly every night or at leaset one of those vegetables every night, and i've had oranges too.... I think I need a list of what I can eat safely. Your list says green peppers, what about the red ones??? As of now I will definately watch what goes into my mouth. I suppose they just grow out of this do they?????


Hi mumatforty
I have gripe water in the cupboard wich I have not tried yet, I will give that a go as of tonight for a few days. Fingers crossed.
You are very lucky to get such a solid time frame of sleep.
When was he born?

( I too am an "older" mum )
My little man has been in the same pain as your DD pretty much since birth. I tried cutting out certain foods and nothing helped (I'm b/fing also). I have started him on Brauer's Colic Relief oral liquid in the past 3 days and the change in him has been HUGE!!! Not only is he bring up wind a lot easier and passing gas easier but settling for sleeps is easier too because of it. I know all bubs are different but I was told as long as your diet is everything in moderation this should affect bub so i would try one of the oral drops on the market first (like Colic relief or gripe water etc) before fussing to much with your diet. Also, try burping more frequently during feeds. I was told in little ones you should try for a burp every 3-5mins on the boobs or every 30-50ml if on the bottle. Hope this helps smile

Kel, WA Jebediah 18/7/05, Balendin 10/10/07

hi donna,
how did the gripe water go??
cody was born on the 1st of october and what a little gem he is,being an older mum is fantastic,dont know about you but i find i am so more relaxed and even look forward to the night feds....does that crazy???

Hi mumatforty
The gripe water seems to have relieved her a little, seems to make her do alot bigger poo!
Cassidy was born on the 2nd October. I am much more relaxed with my DD than I was with my DS, but I do not look forward to the might feeds, I like my sleep too much........

Donna my little girl who is 8 weeks old is giong through exactly the same as your little girl and I have yet to find a solution to her problem. The only answers I get from midwives and doctors is that it is colic or an immature bowel and it will get better as she gets older and learns how to poo - oh I can't wait for that day!! This has been going on since she was born. I am now trying to space her feeds out to 3 hours apart - I was doing 2 and the midwife told me today that maybe that is upsetting her tummy by not allowing time for the last feed to digest - so fingers crossed that things will improve. I didnt have any luck with infacol either. If you have any luck with anything I would love to know.

Hi Donna,
Have you heard of Dill seeds??? (found in health shops)
You put a teaspoon of that in muslin cloth and boil that in about 200mls of water (maybe less? depending on strength) let it cool down, and before feeding bubs, you give a teaspoon of this too her...this works pretty much straight away!! You can keep the water for a couple of days in the fridge too, just warm it up a bit before giving it.
For the "pooing" bit, if she will take a bottle, you put brown sugar and warm water in the bottle (say 50mls), give this a couple of times and this should help the relieving side..This is usually good to give to a bottle fed baby.
Both are natural and inexpensive ways of helping our babies.
Hope this helps..This has helped me with my kids, and I'm on to baby number 4!!

heat some olive oil (not to hot!!) rub ur babies tummy and lower back area, ur babies feet and his anus, it'll releive him straight away.
try also to avoid him getting wind : burp him more often while he's feeding( every 5 mins) to avoid the wind going into his intestine. make sure he's attached properly on ur breast( air sealed) and keep his tummy always warm.
gd luck


DS had these pains severly for the 1st say 5 months of his life, and at times still does.

We had a few issues:

1. Dairy intolerance/allergy - this resulted in colitis and bloody stools with extreme pain - very distressing for a new mum. By cutting out dairy from my diet completely (ie read labels and avoid things like milk solids and whey and all cheese etc) the blood stopped immediately for us - we were lucky to identify what the culprit was straight away but other things to eliminate if it wasn't the dairy would've been soy, wheat etc. My 2 yr old DS still cannot tolerate any dairy.

2. i concur with the list above, even without the bloody poos once i went off dairy, DS had a lot of wind and i found his wind a lot less when i went for very bland food. If you're a foodie like me this is just devastating but so worth it when baby is happy, including sleeping for longer because not being woken with a sore tummy.

3. Overactive letdown/hindmilk foremilk imbalance. My letdown was gagging the poor dear and they really need the rich hindmilk more than the thirst quenching foremilk... i found awesome info on the le leche league website which totally described my sons symptoms an in changing the way i nursed his wind problem was HEAPS better. He still had more wind than your average baby for at least 5 months but in doing the following it was more managable:
- express off the first letdown (i used to take my hand pump everywhere and even though he screamed with hunger sometimes, i would stuff that pump up my shirt and express the first 20 mls or letdown before latching him on - this meant he didn't get the bubbles at the start of his feed which are so hard to get up once the rest of the milk is on top)
- only feed on one side each feed.

Well, this worked for me! I totally understand how worrying it is. We used to have to VERY firmly pat his back for at least half an hour each feed for months, it was exhausting. Used to make DH take him into our room to do it if we had visitors, thats how firm the patting needed to be. Good luck. For us once he was about 4 or 5 months and his tummy grew a little the wind became less of an issue - i stopped needing to pump off the first letdown and offered him both breasts about 5 months.

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