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is it reflux??? Lock Rss

My baby is 11 weeks old and I'm not too sure if he's suffering from reflux. He gets very fidgety while I'm feeding him (he's on formula) and it takes him ages to finish his bottle. I've tried giving him half and then burping him and leaving him for a few minutes before giving him the other half, but this seems to make no difference. Once he's finished his bottle and he goes to sleep, he'll only sleep for an hour max during the day, but then he'll go down for the whole night (it makes no sense to me). I've been told that when they get fidgety, it means it's reflux but he doesn't bring up a lot of milk when I burp him, he only brings up a little bit. I'd love to hear from others who have (or have had) the same problems with their little ones.
Hello bubbaborg. Its hard to be sure with reflux as it has so many different symptoms and does differ from baby to baby. Not all reflux babies do projectile vomits like mine did. Some babies you will see lumps of milk sort of like cottage cheese in their mouth. You usually see this after a burp and you have to be quick as they usually swallow it again. These babies are called happy purgers as they dont do the common scream all day like most. My son never slept during the day until he was around 6 months of age, sorry to say. It was very hard as you know. I am not trying to say you are silly but do you have the right size teat on the bottle for your sons age?? My child was fidgety as he had a few spinal problems which were causing him discomfort as well as the reflux. When I was trying to breast feed he would take from one breast but not the other and it turned out this was due to some neck problems he had which meant it hurt to turn his head the other way. What helped us was a chiropractor who was recommended to us by friends who's child also had reflux. You can also see an osteopath and my sister in law would suggest you see an osteopath before a chiropractor.
I know I havent been much help to you but I would see either your Health Nurse or your GP and ask them to take a look at your baby to be sure. As I said before reflux has so many different signs it is hard to say for sure. Good Luck!!
Hi Calebsmum,
Thanks for your reply. I've actually bought him different bottles, he has the tommetippee bottles, avent, babybasics and the standard bottles, I've tried all the different flows on the teats, I've even tried the variable flows but none of them seem to make a difference.
I just don't understand why he gets soooo fidgety!!!! When he has the bottle in his mouth, he cracks it and pushes it away, then he cracks it cause he wants his milk, then I put it in his mouth, and he cracks it again and pushes it out.... and so on and so on (he's driving me banana's!!!)lol
About the chiro..... I can't see myself take him to one as I've had too many friends with bad experiences, but I might give the osteopath a go.
Again, thanks heaps for your reply and advice.
Hi bubbaborg, I just remember one of the mums from my mothers group telling me that she did have a problem sort of like yours with the refusal of the bottle. It turned out her little one had a sore ear which hurt when he would sucked on the bottle. She didnt know he had this and said apart from refusing his bottle he seemed fine. The only time Caleb did this was when he was full or had a yucky nose so he couldnt breath. The other thing is he's not teething is he?. I agree it sounds like he really wants his bottle but something is preventing him from taking it. It is so hard trying to figure out what could be the problem!! If only they could talk.............I feel so sorry for you as you must feel like pulling your hair out. Not to mention it must be taking you hours to feed him. If I think of anything else I will let you know and if you solve it please let me know so if we hear this again we can suggest a solution. Take care.
Hi calebsmum,
You said your friend's child had a problem with his ear..... do you know how she found that out??? how old was he??
My son always has a yucky nose (I try to clean it before a feed so it's not stuffy) and as for teething........ can they teethe at 2 1/2 months???? I noticed a little white mark on his upper gum but I didn't think much of it cause he was born with a little white mark on his inner lip, so I thought it would be the same thing!!! Also, if he was teething, would he just be like this during the bottle or would he be grizzly all the time?? Maybe that's why he doesn't want to sleep during the day!!!!!!!
Naughty boy!!! Look at what we have to go through when they're born..... lots of STRESS!!! LOL
Anyway, thanks again for your advice..... by the way, how old is Caleb?? cause you sound pretty experienced with all of this....... and it's not half obvious that so far I don't have a clue!!! lol
Thanks again.
Hello Again. Caleb is 19 months old and trust me I am winging it!!! I complained to a friend of mine that I wish babies would just come with a manual and her reply was imagine how big it would have to be as none of them are the same!!! My friend had no idea her sons ear was sore. She mentioned to her health nurse that he was pushing the bottle away but he did seem to want it. She advised to get his ears checked and taa daa they were inflammed. By memory her son was around 3 months of age. Babies can teeth at anytime in fact it is not common but some babies are born with teeth!!! A friend of mine's little one cut his first tooth at 6 weeks of age and by 6 months had all his teeth even his 2 yr molars . Caleb didnt get any until he was 10months of age but had all the symptoms from around 3 months of age. Some babies dont have any problems with teeth and the first sign the parents have is a tooth, while others like Caleb, go through hell. They dribble, they can have a slight temp, they can have soft poos, they can pull or rub at their ears and generally they want to chew anything they can get there hands one. Caleb use to wake up in the middle of the night just screaming. It was so hard to calm him. We use to give him bongela (only after 3 months of age) and or some nurofen (after 6 months) and he would settle. (You can give them baby panadol just check with the chemist or Dr). He would do this for around 3 - 4 nights in a row and sure enough within a few days another tooth had arrived. Also teeth can start to come and then go back and then come again and then stop, just to make things more interesting I guess. My Dr said that Caleb had a sore ear from teething but I have since read in a book that they didnt believe this is true - who do you believe. If your bub has a runny or blocked nose that would interupt his sleep and feeding as you know. Caleb has had heaps of problems with glue ear and I usually know this is happening when he gets a yucky runny nose and is really whining and off his food. I would try to get an appt at your Drs and just tell them you are concerned as he is refusing his feeds and you would like his ears and throat checked out. That way if everything is ok you can mark that off the list and start again. I hope this helps. Please keep me up to date as I would really love to know if it is just going to be another baby mystery or something very small but has made such a big impact.
hi calebsmum,
guess what??? out of nowhere, he stopped doing it!!! i don't know if it was a phase or what, but now he's drinking his bottle properly and the only time i notice that he starts fidgeting is when he needs to be burped...... so YAY!!!!
thanks for all your advice and you were right..... it's just another baby mystery.
Thanks for letting me know bubbaborg. I have been watching this site just in case. I tell you these babies will keep us on our toes. Great news to hear his is now taking his feeds, it must be a great relief to you.......take care!!!
Hi again,
Well guess what?? Christian is almost 4 months now, and since my last post he actually got worse!!!! He kept pushing the bottle away again, and started vomiting a bit of milk (again) but after a week or so, he started vomiting more, to the point that I couldn't only use a bib, I had to use a facewasher to burp him too as the bib would get really wet and wouldn't absorb any more milk.

So finally today I asked my health nurse (I left it a while to see if he'd stop doing it, but he didn't) and she told me (after seeing his bib and facewasher) that it definently is reflux!!!! She gave me some samples of Karicare AR to try as it's thicker so he should keep it down.

I'm a bit worried about changing his formula (again) cause he was on S26 Gold and it made him constipated, so I changed him to Nan HA1 cause it's easy to digest, but now cause I have to change him to the Karicare one, I'm scared he'll get constipated again!!!

Aaaaargh!!! I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you an update.

Oh sorry to hear that. Just a tip that no one told us about the AR formulas dont make the water too hot when you mix it or the formula will clog in balls like you will not believe. This is due to the thickening agent which is meant to start once the baby has digested it. It will clog up the teat and you will have to "milk" the lump out to clear it for the baby to get the formula. The other tip is to make sure you get a bigger teat size for the bottle ( you know 2 holes or 3 holes etc) or you will spend forever giving your child their bottle. We found cloth nappies were the best for burping and cleaning up. It did mean it increased our washing but they were the best thing we found. We never went any where with out a few in the nappy bag.

I hope things get better soon, I read you post re teething so you are having a really hard time with it all.
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