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7 week old breastfeeding 2hourly. Help! Lock Rss


My 7 week old baby boy is feeding every 2 hours, even at night, so i'm not getting very much sleep. I am still breastfeeding him and my nipples are starting to get really really sore again. The nurses told me to try and get him to feed every 3-4 hours but when it came to feeding time when they were over they tried to help me distract him so he would go longer but 10 mins in they said just feed him, and you can hear his tummy grumble at the two hour mark.

My hubby and i tried to bottle feed him of a night to try and give me a chance to sleep and because we are thinking of putting him on the bottle because I am getting to tired and to sore but after the first two bottles he refuses to drink from a bottle.

Does any one have any advice on what I should do?

I want to bottle feed coz I am to sore and I find it hard to breastfeeding in public coz I am a size F and it uncomfortable trying to cover myself and he feeds every 2 hours so I never get anything done, and my hubby can't do house work and is trying very hard with my 6yo but he is disabled and can only do so much.

Please help!
[Edited on 30/11/2007]

Tamika 23/09/2001, Zavian 09/10/2007

Hi there,
I know exactly what you are going through as my DS was very much the same. By about 6 weeks we had to give up breastfeeding after seeing a doctor and being told an anatomical problem with his tongue was preventing him from latching properly and it was something that could not correct itself. I too remember the days of constant feeding, the pressure by Plunket to space the feeds out and the effect all this had on myself and my husband.

There are many places you can seek help for the breastfeeding and I would recommend getting in touch with them. Your local hospital may have a lactation consultant or you may be able to get in touch with your local breastfeeding association/La Leche group. I had a wonderful lactation consultant from Plunket who worked with me (it was she who decided I needed medical advice in the end). In saying this however, if in the end you decide that you wish to bottle feed then do not feel guilty. The most important thing is that you and your baby are happy. Breastmilk is best for a baby but sometimes breastfeeding just does not work. If you want to bottle feed, or do both breast and bottle, then there are some tricks to get it established. First thing is to consider a bottle that mimics the breast such as a tommee tippee closer to nature bottle. Second trick is to get someone else to give the bottle, such as Dad or Grandma. You might want to consider expressing breastmilk although from personal experience this can be hard work.

Good luck and whatever happens, if you love your child, everything will be okay.

Oh it can really tiring when it feels like feeding all the time can't it? I would recommen you ring the ABA and speak to a counsellor they will be able to give you heaps of tips on "looking after yourself" - and strategies with coping through this tiring time. With the frequent feedings your baby is only 7 weeks old and a baby that old's tum is around the size of their fist - so as you can imagine it doesn't take long for them to digest BM (it is more easily digested to as it is perfectly designed for their small tums). It can be full on but it will get easier, honestly, they do start to spread out their feeds naturally as they get a bit older, for example around three months you might find your little one is more interested in looking around and won't feed as well during the day - (sorry a little off topic).
If you can hear your babies tummy rumbling from hunger then don't feel worried about feeding again, imagine if you were hungry and your doctor or CHN said sorry that you hungry but you can't eat for another 20mins - YK it is the same except they have no concept - they have been in your womb in an enviroment where their every need is looked after and they come out and don't know what they hell is going on!!
You might find it helpful to carry baby in a sling during the day, this can be easier for bf and you can get other things done, or maybe go to bed with your baby for a couple of hours in the day and just feed and you can sleep.
Anyway I could go on all day, I really urge you talk to an ABA counsellor. Good luck and keep up the good work!

ETA - Follow your baby's cues!!!
[Edited on 30/11/2007]

Wear your baby out!!!

HI thats booby boys for you my ds is now 2 but he would feed 2 hourly it is very tiring ,and you feel like thats all you do all day and night,i wanted to bottle feed but persisted until he was 7 months old ,but had alot of problems to get him to take his bottle,i would persist in trying to give him a bottle,may you can do both ,you may find if you can get him to drink formula a few feeds a day may top him up,and he may go a bit longer between feeds,i tried so may teats before we found one that ds would drink from,good luck

i have tried using the closer to nature bottles and at first he took to them really really well and had a full formula feed but now he won't even let it sit in his mouth. we also tried hubby feeding him and me going into a different room and that didn't work either.

Zav is attaching properly it's just cos he is feeding so often it hurts.

i was wanting to start doing both bottle and formula till i dry up if i go 100% for formula.

i have been to a breastfeeding clinic and spoken to the childhood nurse that comes to my house. they both said that i am doing everything right and keep up the good work. they also said that there feel sorry for me cos he is feeding so often and feeds for up to 45mins a feed.

Tamika 23/09/2001, Zavian 09/10/2007

my hubby and i tried a different formula last night and Zav took the whole bottle no problem. we were using the heinz gold one but then changed to the s26 gold, coz they only had gold in sample packs, so it must of been the formula that he didn't like.

see how we go with another feed.

Tamika 23/09/2001, Zavian 09/10/2007

Lots of babies feed very frequently, and getting up all the time to feed is tiring! I have always co slept with my son which meant he could feed on demand through the night and i still got all my sleep. It worked really well for me.

Mama to an '04 boy

I'm having the same trouble with my 6 week old. she was feeding every 3 hours which suited me, but then suddenly she wanted feeds every 2hours. It might not sound a lot different, but believe me its much more tiring, especially at night!

I'm going to contact an ABA counciler, hopefully they will have some suggestions. Will keep you posted.

I do know that the ABA don't recomend suplimenting your babies diet with anything until solids at 6 months - that includes formula. But needs must so you should do what ever works for you.
At seven weeks I put my little boy on a 4 hour feed routine and 2 hour sleep routine. If the sleep routine isn't in place they find it hard to last 4hours and cry because they are tired not hungry. Feed as soon as they wake up, they stay awake for two hours then are settled to sleep, sleep for two hours then wake in time for their next four hourly feed. So he had two 2 hour sleeps in the day and a 45min nap late arvo to get him through to bed time. This worked wonders for us. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can have this in place by 7 weks for our new born daughter. She is two weeks at the moment and is on track to a routine but is still wants to sleep more in the day at the moment.

mum to Hamish & Amelia

My baby book reminds me that between 6-8 weeks old many babies have a very demanding peroid, possibly due to the huge developmental jumps they make in that time. My DS is feeding every 2-4 hrs at the moment, he's nearly 7 weeks. Some times the extra feeds are part of that.
Co-sleeping is fantastic for big feeders, as you only really wake to attatch bub - its the only way I get sleep!

Nikki, 26. Mum to William 1.3.06; Callum 30.10.07

bub is now nearly 10 weeks old and is still feeding every two hours when i breast feeding him. 10 weeks straight of 2 hourly feeds. the only time that he sleeps longer is when i give him a bottle at night. i know i shouldn't be doing that but it's only way i can get some sleep. i don't know how he is coping with how little sleep he gets. he feeds then plays sleeps for half an hour then gets up wanting another feed. that is his 2 hourly cycle. i've tried everything other than feeding him when wakes but he only stops screaming when i feed him. then he is happy and plays.
i would co sleep but my hubby is disabled so i can't do it all the time. i only put him in bed with us if i can't get him to sleep at night. and cos i have big breasts i need to help feed him and hold my boob in place. other wise he can't breath.
[Edited on 16/12/2007]

Tamika 23/09/2001, Zavian 09/10/2007

thats completely normal...dont despair! Babies will go through stages or growth spurts every 3 or 4 weeks. You will notice that they will want to feed more and wake more at night. It will pass in a week or so (or less).

Try not to do anything different, just keep demand feeding. His little body needs all the nutrients to grow! SO just stick with it...your doing a great job. He will settle down soon.

Dont deny your baby milk....if hes hungry feed him...even if hes not due to feed. I promise it wont be forever!!

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