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Tongue clean..... Lock Rss

My bub is F/B and 4 mnt old, his tongue look abit milky white so i just want to ask : Do i need to clean his tongue ? And how to clean it ? This is my first baby so i am abit curious, thanks.
no, you dont need to clean his tongue, but make sure that its not thrush, if your nipples are sore it could be thrush and you will need to get a perscription to clear it up.just ask at your local mother and child clinic, but just regular milk, (like our tongue after we drink milk) is fine and nothing to worry about.

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get a soft towel( soft face washer) put some clean water on it, roll it around ur finger and gently clean her tongue from time to time. but u don't have to do it everyday. it's just better to avoid leaving this residue( and bacterias) build up in her mouth.


i was reading some article when i had my first and they say you should wipe your baby's mouth every couple of days before they get teeth, then move to a toothbrush.

However if the white doesn't wash away or they seem to be like blisters, see your gp or a pharmacist. You can get oral drops over the counter. if it is thrush, its best to act straight away to prevent from going right through their system and getting nappy thrush too!!
Thankyou all for your help, his tongue is normal now. Looking forward to his baby teeth coming soon smile
I understand your child is growing up and you don't need this answer anymore, but I answer so that my future friends can know how to clean newborn tongue.
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