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Just after some advice on expressing breast milk. I have been expressing all my babies feeds with a manual breast pump just like the ones they use in hospital but find my nipples go a kinda bluey colour and look like they being pulled too much no matter what suction they on. By the next expressing time they are back to normal but I am wondering if any other ppl who express experience this or do I have problems?

Any help would be appreciated.

Dear Gizmo,

I am currently expressing feeds for the past 3 weeks and find a similar situation, however I am not in any pain and I think that might be the main concern if they do not hurt al should be okay.


Isabela, 18.08.2005

no ur normal!! im the same, although i have an electric pump. my nipples go a blue-ey purple colour, so it looks like it happens to everyone!its just the suction, i guess all the blood rushes toyour nipples making them go a funny colour maybe?
I have only been expressing for 3 days with my second child but 6 weeks with my first (3yrs ago).
How long do you express off each breast ?? I was breast feeding for just over a week but decided to express and I was told to empty one breast and offer the other. This is different to the advice from my first pregnancy of 10mins on each breast.


Darlene, Qld one angel one tornado

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