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yay for breast pumps!!!! Lock Rss

i just bought a avent breast pump and its AWESOME!!
i got it because my boobs were sooo full they were hurting and one of my nipples have a blister on it (ouch!!!!!!!). got it working first go and filled 200mls pretty much out of one boob!
bub took to the bottle really well and his dad got to feed him which my parnter really enjoyed. lol i now feel so much lighter and relieved grin
just thought id come on and share this lol

He''''''''s bubbalicious!

I managed to had express about 70 mls a week or so ago to see if bubs would take a bottle - she did so I want to do this more regularly so that her Dad can look after her. Hand expressing was a bit painful, so I want to buy a pump, but I can't decided what type of pump to get. What type is yours babylurve electric or hand pump? What types/brands have people had sucess (or not) with?
[Edited on 16/12/2007]
great to hear, my old pump (poor thing) has had a bloody work out and has carked it so need a new one and was looking at the avent one, is it the hand one you have. i like hand ones better.
I found the Avent Isis hand pump really easy to use also. The massage cushion is a bit annoying cause the milk goes under it sometimes and leaks but I don't use it anymore and it works just as well if not better. It's cheap too like $60-70 if I recall and comes with bottles and everything. Very good value.

hmm il try it without the massage thingy cuz i noticed it leaks too. i paid $128 for mine!! geez lol..

wow hand expressing 70mls sounds like hard work!!
i use a hand pump it only takes bout 10 minutes to fill a bottle.

He''''''''s bubbalicious!

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