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Steralising Rss

My name is alicia and i'm new to this site as i had only just discovered it. I am due in 6wks time and am trying to get things organised. I am wondering though when u steralise bottles or equipment how long do they stay steralised for???
Thanx smile

Im a mum to three. After my third baby hospitals started saying that you dont actually need to steralize!! A study showed that just washing them in hot soapy water did the same trick... however i kept steralizing anyway.

Most of the time they say leave in boiling water for at least 2 minutes. Steam steralizers are most recommended. i have a microwave one that goes in with cold water for 7 minutes.

Its completly up to you and you can always check with your midwife or doctor if your really concerned!!

smile Good luck with bub!
If you are planning to BF then you don't have to sterlise your breastpump, any bottles you use for EBM etc as your breastmilk itself is sterile, just wash in hot water, rinse and dry on clean paper towel.

DS 22 months DD 9 Oct 07

with steralising once the bottle r steralised they should stay fairly sterile if done up teats in lid on and cap on the bottle. theres many ways to steralise, milton, which after 1 hours in the solution they r sterile and can stay in there until u r ready to make up the bottles, as for steam they r sterile in minutes,or boiling in a sauce pan but that can wear teats out.. i also have heard no need to steralise, i'd have to disagree as anything with milk in it or on it washing in hot water isnt enough.. milk harbours bacteria that can be harmful, but if washing bottles in a dishwasher that goes over 60 degrees then that would wash them and kill the bacteria..
theres many ways to steralise, you can boil them thats a free way to do it, i use an electric steamer its an avent one its great. i used milton with my last child, it was good but lots of preperation..
i have a steam steriliser and the manual says if you leave everything in there with the lid on it stays sterile for 4 hours. I still sterilise my breast pump even though you apparently don't need to. I sterilise the teats in the plastic ring so you just have to pick them up with that bit and screw to the bottle pop the cap on and then, as PP said, it stays sterile till you use it.

I use milton which is tablets or liquid which you put in cold water and you soak everything in there for a minimum of 15 mins, i just leave them in there till i use them again...
Once you've sterilised, using whichever method, keep everything in the fridge and then it will stay sterile until you use it, be it a day, a week or a month.. I still keep DD cups in the fridge, not that I sterilise anymore just used to always having everything in the one place..

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