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Chronic Leakage!!! Breast pad suggestions please! Lock Rss

Hi there,
My little one is one month old and feeding like a champion. The only problem is I am leaking like crazy! Everyday I have to change my top at least once as the breast pads I use don't seem to be able to cope. I have tried both wool and hemp washable breast pads but they are not cutting it. Johnson and Johnson Disposable Nursing Pads are margainally better but still are not 100% reliable. They also expensive and I would prefer to use reuseable pads. Anyone with any suggestions on good breast pads and where I might find them? Thanks so much and Happy Xmas!!

you sound like me in the first couple of months. milk overload,lol.

i use washable pads too but i find i still have to were a couple at a time to stop the leaking trough.

also when im at home i just pop a cloth nappy down my bra which seems to absorb quite a bit.
if you do that though just remember its there if your going doent look to pretty.
[Edited on 20/12/2007]
I use the Pidgeon brand and found them to work better...

Also, have you tried/heardof the booby bib? Its a singlet top with inbuilt pad section. Not attractive,but I found it a welcome relief to not wear a bra and pads at least at night time! (from memory!)
I used the Rite Aid brand breast pads. They are pretty much the same as Pigeon, but you get about 60 in a box for about $8 from Big W. I found them really good, though i didn't leak all the much, I know people who have/had heaps of milk and they find them great too!

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I use the rite aid ones with a cloth washable one inside that or else they make my nipples itchy from the moisture due to plastic lining. But they are good as they are so big.

I also have 2 boobybibs and they are great for at night, I got mastitis from sleeping in a bra so won't be doing that again.

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Thanks so much for those tips. I am finding it worse in the hot weather!
I hope you all have a great Xmas and New Year with your families!

These reusable breast pad design seal off the end of your nipples so you don't leak at all.

I found them fantastic with my eldest. Haven't used them yet with DD#2 as I have misplaced them moving house LOL Darn pregnancy brain put them in a safe spot and my non-pregnant brain can't find them

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