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freezing breast milk Lock Rss

hi all
i was told you could get small bags to freeze breast milk, i'm not sure if this is true, has any one used or seen this product? if so where can i get them.
if not some ideas on how and what to freeze it in would be a great help as i'm going back to work in 3 weeks and would like to start stocking up now.
thanx kristie

I just used to freeze it in sterilized plastic containers until I found the bags.

They are GREAT...quick to defrost milk in and don't take up much room.
They are called Kaneston Mothers Milk Bags.
However I have only found them in one chemist where I live so you might have to hunt around
Hi, I bought the bags from an online chemist, but I can't remember which one. I had a few dramas with them, always spilt a bit. And another idea for storing, well you might think this is a bit crazy, but my babies were in hospital for three months and I did alot of expressing and freezing. It's what the hospital supplied and insisted I use. You can buy different size speciman jars from chemist. Really cheap, always 100% sterile and they already have a nice little label for time and date frozen. They stack well in freezer. And you can shake them when defrosted and pour straight into bottle. I know it's a bit funny, but it's what worked for me.
I just get the avent ones from the chemist but if you cant get any try mothersdirect (ABA) they stock them and you can get them by mail order.

DS 22 months DD 9 Oct 07

try you mothers and babies shops they should stock them mine does
thanks i looked on the ABA site and they also have ice cube trays for breast milk that 30ml for each cube and has a lid so i have ordered one as well as the bags. sorry it took so long to get back to you all, i have been away and no access to a computer.

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