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Glad to hear there are two ladies who obviously have no issues with letting it all hang out. Congratulations you help make up the 32% of women who actually breastfeed. The sad fact is our breastfeeding figures are quite low and the public feeding issue is one of the factors that women don't continue to feed. Obviously it does not suit everyone, but if it can assist a women to feed and feel at ease then thats one extra to that 32%. The fact that my nappy bag is so much lighter due to the braap does it for me. I also agree that in this day and age we should not have a problem with breastfeeding in public but unfortunately rome was not built in a day so in the mean time i'd rather feel that I can maintain a bond with my son feeding him anywhere I like instead of making a bottle.
How is breastfeeding ever going to be normalised in this country if people cave to the pressure to use extraordinary lengths to cover up, and reinforce the attitudes which help to drive the breastfeeding rates down?

I still nurse discreetly, you can see a little of my stomach, and my bub is latched on and hiding the vast majority of my breast. I don't really know why anyone would be interested in looking anyway, and if they do, and don't like what they see, they can avert their eyes. smile

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[Edited on 22/12/2007]

homebirthing mum to three boys!

I also don't exactly 'let it all hang out', actually most of the time when we are out and about I am wearing DD in a ring sling and just bf her in that which is very discreet. I just think it's ridiculous that I see girls walking around my local shopping centre in skimpy bikini tops that leave nothing to the imagination but yet I should feel the need to hide away and cover up to feed my baby? Anyway, I have never actually had any negative comments when feeding in public, most people just smile or comment on how cute my DD is etc or if they are embarassed they just quickly look away and pretend they didn't see anything.

Someone has to be a good example. Seeing me feeding in public discreetly but without shame might encourage others to do the same.

DS 22 months DD 9 Oct 07

Do it with pride! I found it pretty easy to breastfeed DS1 discretely in public and i dont think i EVER got a rude look or comment in 18 months of doing so. Maybe because i'm a proud breastfeeder I can just ignore the people with a problem with it, but in my town breastfeeding is embraced, and i often got positive encouragement for doing such a wonderful thing for my son.
I'm so excited I'm going to be a nursing mamma again soon.

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