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breastfeeding query-ANOTHER ONE! Lock Rss

Hi all

Just wondering...

You know how they say the first part of your milk is the suggary part and then the hind milk follows. Cos I heard if she just get's the suggary part of the milk and not the hind milk then that's how they get wind. So i just want to know:-

If I express 5 minutes on each breast then freeze it, is that just the suggary part of the milk that she will be getting? Bit confused? Oh well i've done it now, but if it's wrong then atleast I'll know for next time.

Any clues???

I've never heard that but I DO know that the first part of the milk is called colostrum and it's full of antibodies etc that is extremely good for baby.
I'm sure you haven't done any long term harm but ask your doctor before denying baby this part of your milk.

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

i have also heard that the first part is the best. if she is only feeding for a short time you could try stretching feeds out so that she is really hungry. I have just started doing this with my two week old and he feeds a lot better and is more settled. I also find that if i avoid eating things that gave me intergestion during pregnancy he has less wind.
good luck

2 girls 2&6 1 new boy

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