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Infant Gaviscon Lock Rss

hey girls, i was just wanting to know if any of you are using infant gaviscon for your little ones with reflux? caden has had reflux for sometime now, which i only went to the doctors about it today, as i was told he was just overfilling....anyways i was prescribes infants gaviscon. has it worked for you?? what do i do if it dosent work for him?
i am breastfeeding, with a formula bottle at night.
I use it when needed for my little boy. It did work for him and i just put it in with his formula although you can make it on its own. I find now he has thickened formula he doesnt need it very often as he so settled - I have even been able to drop his cot down (it was up on bricks at e head end as the slope helps to keep his feed in his tummy. Dont use tight clothing around his middle as it can make em more uncomfortable. Finally at four months hes enjoying his tummy time and laying on the floor.

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

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