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My baby is 10 1/2 weeks old and suffers reflux really bad. His cot has been elevated, he is on thickened formula and has recently been put on Zantac. As much as this helps a bit he still is very grizzly and have run out of ideas on how to settle him. If anyone has any ideas on how to settle a baby with reflux it would be much appreciated.
Hi kathryn v here a few past posts that may help
Here a few more.

I hope you dont think I am being very unpersonal...LOL I just remember heaps of useful information being in these older post. However things are always changing and we are finding out more things every day, therefore there may be some recent information that other mums may be able to add.

Good luck both my sons suffered from reflux. My first was on zantac and a chiropractor and my second son Losec (zantac did nothing for him) and a osteopath. We have been able to decrease his losec from 2.5 ml to 1.5 ml which is great. His medication is also naturally decreasing as he grows bigger ie the more they weigh the more mls they need. He is now nearly 5 months and getting better every day.

Talk soon.
Just wondering how you are getting on with your reflux baby? I have a 5 week old baby girl who seems to have reflux - we are off to the paediatrician tomorrow to confirm, and I am trying to research this as much as possible. I put a wedge under the matress in the cot last night and she seemed to sleep a bit better. I read on a website also to change the baby if you can before they feed, keep them in the elevated position after feeding for at least 20 minutes and then try to put them down to sleep and to bring up the wind over your shoulder and not in the upright sitting position. I hope yours is under control now but if I find out any useful information tomorrow I will send it to you.

Barb, NZ

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