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Baby sick Lock Rss

What does it mean when your baby vomits up waterery stuff or curd like stuff ages after a feed?
Should I be worried? Does it just mean she still has air in her belly or ate too much?
Breastfed baby this is.
hi carline.
most babies do it i think...we all have this valve thing (dont know name) that stops us from vomiting, and sme babies ones havnet formed properly yet so they be sick more often.mum said my sister had that and she got told by her doctor to do some specific exercises to strengthen it up and it worked.
if its alot it could be reflux? my little man has that, not a very nice thing for them to be vomitting all the time but its fixable.
if its not alot iwouldnt worry its pretty normal!
hope i was of some kind of help smile
Hi Carline,
Just wanted to know if your baby has stopped vomitting up the watery stuff? My little one is 9 weeks old and doing the same, however she is bottle fed and I just wanted to know if there is any light at the end of the tunnel! smile

Mel, Vic

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