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What NOT to eat while breastfeeding? Lock Rss

My baby was unsettled and very windy (not the burping kind) the other day and a relative said I must have eaten something to upset her. She thought it may have been the capsicum I had for dinner? Also she said don't eat too much green veges. I have also heard that cabbage is a shocker and beans.... also too much dairy, or spicy foods, chocolate, coffee/cola? Sheesh, it sounds like you have to be more careful after the baby comes than before!
What have you found upsets your baby?
P.S. The lactation consultant at the hospital said not to worry about what you eat, eat what every you did when you were pregnant and just to be sensible...not to eat a whole block of chocolate... awwww, my favourite sad
hi, i was also told not to eat all the thjings u said above, as well as tomatoes, corn and um... soft drinks and general foods that make us windy. Though i tested alot of these with Dylan and it has made no difference. My doc says only a tiny bit of what we eat gets to our milk, so its up to u. I suggest trialling some things and not eating them. Like i went 3 days with no choc or caffeine and it made no difference to dylan h ewas still unsettled, but we later worked out, he was just goin through a growth spurt.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi THere,
I was also told not to eat what you and ashtons mum listed.
I also found no diffrence in Kobe's wind problems.
The older he gets the better he gets at handling it.
I dont eat cabbage, peas and softdrink as i think that is high in the risk factor of wind. However later on i will be starting to ease back to them,
I would do what ashtons mum suggests and try diffrent things over a few days.

Ps. just remember that everyone will be a doctor and tell you what u have done wrong.


Rachael, Kobe 21/8/2005

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