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Transporting breast milk Lock Rss

Does anybody know if you can use expressed breast milk after it has been refridgerated, then in insulated bag for maximum of 6 hours, then refridgerated again.

Please help!!

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This is what I was told, and could be wrong, but what I was told when I was still in hospital is that once you have taken the bottle out of the fridge into the bag, you shouldn't refridgerate it again. I was also told that you can keep it for a maximum of 4-6 hours in the insulated bag and for around 1-2 hour after being heated to be on the safe side not to grow bugs. - though a friend of mine was told it keeps for 4 hours at room temperature....
Thanx for you response newmum04

ZacsMum smile

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You're welcome, thanks for your input!!
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