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dont like breastfeeding Lock Rss

ok I am just really having a whinge but does any one else not enjoy breastfeeding? I know breast is best and that is why I will feel guilty when I wean (whcih I want to do soon) but I don't enjoy it at all. Just wondering if anyone else is the same

I don't mind it but I can understand somewhat how you feel. I am not "loving"it. It is very time consuming and tiring and means it's hard (though I know not impossible) for you to leave your baby with others. Before I gave birth I thought "why would anyone NOT want to breastfeed" and "i'll do it for at least a year". Now I am seriously considering cutting that shorter.
My MIL had three children and only breastfed for about 6 weeks at the longest and her third child not at all. She didn't like the fact that she couldn't "see" whether they were getting enough and just didn't "enjoy" it like you.
If you've done it for a while then that's great and you should feel proud of that. Do what's best for you and your baby. smile No one says you have to enjoy it and no one say you must continue if you don't.
Hi Tiff
I know what you mean. I to was in the same boat as you with my little man and to make matters worse by around the 6 - 8 week old mark I just wasn't making enough milk for my little monster (not that he's that little but). From all his weigh ins he was thriving but day by day it was becoming more and more of a struggle. The days would start off fine with fully breasts but each feed just became harder and more stressful with all the screaming and pulling off. I even tried expressing as he fed well from the bottle. I even tried when, my supply started slowing down, every tip that I read on here and all my baby books on getting supply up but nothing seemed to work. I had a horrible feeling in my gut about giving up breastfeeding but I knew I had to do something to get US both happy, We have now been fully on formula since 9 weeks old and after trialling several different formulas before settling nicely on karicare gold we both now happy and still thriving after 3 weeks. I felt so guilty "giving up" as my MIL said but I now think #@*% it, we're both healthy and happy and enjoying each other alot more. I was bottle feed as a baby and my husband was fully breastfed and I have a higher IQ than him so it doesn't make any difference to brain power if that's what people are worried about. We are both over 6 foot tall too so it didn't slow my growth down either. Just go with your gut and do whatever makes you and bub happy!!!!! smile
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