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trying to get breastfed son to suck on a bottle Lock Rss

hey... i have breastfed my 9 wk old son exclusively and still intend to continue to only give him breast milk. i have been trying to get him to take a bottle of expressed breast milk, so that if i want to go out, i can express and someone else can feed him. we have been trying every day for nearly 2 weeks and he can't seem to figure out how to suck on the bottle. any suggestions on how to teach a baby to suck on a bottle?? thanks.

Jessie & Julius

I had a smililar problem with my first try the pigeon peristaltic teat. I tired all bottles and other people when she was hungry when she was sleepy ect. This bottle is as close as it gets as the teat has to be drawn to the back of the mouth like your nipple. They say for breastfed babes its the easiest and cloest thing. I dont know anyone who hasnt had sucess. It took our dd weeks and weeks of trialling and loads of wasted breastmilk but from this bottle she took water the first time smile

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

Does he take a dummy? My DD wouldn't suck in hospital (she was tube fed in SCN and they said it affected her sucking reflex) - I had to "teach" her to suck on a dummy... I know it's a completely different situation, but maybe a dummy would help you too? Also the hospital suggested the "happy soother" dummies (cherry shape) from Woolies instead of the orthodontic ones... (hey much cheaper too!) Hope this helps even though it seems a random reply, and good luck!

mady, single mum2muffin, 16/08/05 Syd,Ryde,NSW

I would also suggest giving him the bottle first thing in the morning, when he is most hungry. What other incentive is there to take a strange nipple if not hunger. I found it worked for me.
i too had problems getting my 8week old son to take a bottle. I found the pigeon teet works wonders. He took it without any probs. I tried nearly every sort there was. It was the best thing ive bought. I have no worries now leaving him with my mum if i have to go out and i dont have to worry about being back in 3hrs to feed.
I think you shoud try this one before you spend a small fortune on ones that might not work for you.
Good luck


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