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lightweight bub :o( mummy's getting stressed - any thoughts? Lock Rss

Just want to run this by everyone; sorry it's so long, I just really need to talk.

I have come to the conclusion my DD is not a big eater. She's bottle fed exclusively. Even at the hospital they wanted her having 90ml bottles (EBM then) and she was struggling to make the quota. Her dr wasn't worried.

At two weeks she was on 120ml bottles, and doing okay on them. One month we moved up to 150ml bottles, and she has been erratic on making quota. Her range is anywhere between 80ml - 160ml. This Sunday (two months) we are supposed to move up again to 180ml bottles, but I'm not going to bother because it's formula being thrown out. She's just not finishing them.

At 6 weeks we had settled into a nice routine - 4hourly in the daytime, with last feed and off to sleep about 8:30pm/9pm. Slept til 3am, bottle finished in half an hour and back to bed, slept in until 8-9am. I was told it was really unusual she was such a good sleeper, but just considered myself very blessed.

THEN the ECHN said she wasn't happy with bub's weight gain, and to keep a log of her feeds - times, amounts over the week. I did, and she was on 5 feeds a day. She asked me to step it up to 3hourly feeds in the day so she'd have the 6 feeds a day. I saw her pediatrician, and he said she's on the "low end of average" by her weight, (she was "above average" at birth) and concured with the 3hrly feeds. He wants her gaining minimum 150g per week (should be somewhere between 150-250g/wk he says). I asked him "what if she simply won't eat it, doesn't want it?" and he said I can "train" her to eat.

So I came home, tried to do it their way, and have cried more in this last 48 hours than in the last 12 months. I've tried to do this 3hrly feeding thing, but she doesn't want it, and is fighting me... I position her to eat and she starts crying bc she knows it's coming... her time to eat a bottle has gone up to 1.5hrs (one even took 1hr50min!) so it's like we get an hour break and then have to start the next feed in order to keep with the three hour rule.
And her sleep pattern has changed to last feed at midnight, waking up at 5-6am... (um, hi! what's happened to my lovely sleep!!!)
She's unsettled, overtired, and sick of having food shoved at her. I'm emotionally exhausted, and physically can't keep going on 4hrs of sleep (by the time I've sorted out the bottles and set things up for the next day).

At birth, she was 4.045kg, 52cms long.
At 8wks she was 4.930kg, 58cms long. (But in accordance with her birth weight projection should be 5.250kilos apparently.)

She's bright, alert, laughing, smiling, fixing following and focussing. She's just not that interested in eating. (And she was sleeping fine until I mucked up her routine by trying to force this 3hr thing.)

If she was screaming for food, I'd give it of course, but she's not... she was contented and happy until I changed were both unhappy.

SO...(whew it feels so good to get this all out!) I am exhausted and feel better just trusting my child to tell me when she's hungry... and feed her accordingly. I was thinking the ECHN can still weigh her, but I don't want to know the numbers... (atm she's gaining about 160g/wk, it's not like she's losing weight...) if it becomes a true medical concern, we can look at it again then. But trusting her, and my instinct, over drs advice - does that make me irresponsible? I'm going to a second pediatrician this week...

I want to do what's "right" but what's right by their growth charts and what works for bub and I are obviously different. But I think I'd rather a "happy lightweight" baby... gasp/

Thanks for following with me this far, so, what do you think?

mady, single mum2muffin, 16/08/05 Syd,Ryde,NSW

Hi Mady,
I understand exactly how you feel and am glad you are seeking a second opinion. All babies are different and I think your carers are overreacting.
My little girl was the same and I was concerned about her weight gain as well, fortunately my CHN was very reassuring and so was my doctor. At 8 weeks my little one weighed 4.2kg and I could not get her to drink any more than she was. My CHN said something to me that made me feel better. She
said that if she was hungry she would not be sleeping well at night. From the sounds of it your little one was sleeping wonderfully until you were forced to change her routine. I am no expert and do not want to contradict your doctor but I was told that as long as they are alert, happy and playful there was absolutely nothing to worry about. My little girl is now 4 1/2 months and still only weighs 5.3kg but is thriving in every way. And remember someone always has to be on the lower part of the growth chart. One last thing, one of the mums in our mothers group has a beautiful 6 mth old who hasn't put on any weight to speak of who is also just fine. Try to relax and enjoy your bub, I'm sure you wold know if something was really wrong.
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