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Hi all, just a quick note this time.
Just under a week ago I posted about problems with weight gain, 3hr feeds and getting stressed out. I sought a second pediatric opinion, and the dr advised feeding muffin when she's hungry, and not waking her at all (even in daytime) for feeds -- that she'd sort herself out.
True to form, she's re-established herself to regular 4hr feeds in the day, and is now sleeping through the night as well from 8/10pm - 6am with 5 feeds a day. She's also taking more in her bottle, which is encouraging. grin We're going to the pediatrician today for a check up, so hopefully the weight's caught up too! (Haven't heard from our ECHN this week?) So in short we're both doing a lot better! smile Hope everyone else is travelling well too!

mady, single mum2muffin, 16/08/05 Syd,Ryde,NSW

Good to hear you have got everything back under control ( i wish i could say the same for myself!! )
how did the paediatrician go??has she put weight on?
any tips on how to get my little man to sleep through? im not too bothered as i usually only get up once in the night, but he starts his 'big sleep' around 7, and sleeps till 1-2ish! rather than 10-5ish!! it was going good for a while there but were back to square one! also i couldnt help noticing muffin was born on the same ay as caden smile
thanks, take care
amanda xo
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