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Periods and feeding Lock Rss

I have a 7week old baby and i have just got my period again i ovualted a few days ago and have been having trouble with bubs on the boob. Is this the cause??? she wasnt eating for long and pulling of screaming etc we have no problems with feeding normally on the boob. I had to giv her formula tonight otherwise its stressful for us both. Any tips or advice would be great!!!
My little one was the same when I got my period back 6 weeks post birth. He would just fuss alot, pull off, and scream. I also notice a drop in my supply plus around the 6 week mark bubs go through a growth spurt so bubs also do this to get your supply up. Some people say also that the hormones may change the taste of the milk. I just pushed through this stage and in the end I had HEAPS of milk and bub was feeding well again after the week. Just relax as there is little you can do as far as I found anyway and the more stressed you get the more bub will play up. Sometimes our feeds went close to the hour mark but at least I knew we were both trying. Good luck and keep going smile
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