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My DS is 3 weeks old and usually only feeds from one side each feed.... he falls asleep and isnt interested in the other side when offered. I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding initially as my milk took a long time to come in, he wasnt attaching properly and he was a lazy feeder with a weak sucking action. Im concerned that if he only does one side each feed that my milk supply will decrease.

any advice


if she is falling asleep after the first side, ensure that she is fully awake when you offer her the second side.
i find the best way to wake my DD up is to change her nappy. i always do this after she has had the first side. it usually does the trick. also, having no wraps or blankets etc and lying her down on a mat/floor so that she is free to move around can sometimes cause them to wake up.

if she still doesnt want the second side, dont worry about it and just express a little for comfort or if you are really worried about your supply, take a little extra. you can freeze it for future use (thats what i do)

good luck
Congrats on your little one

I wouldnt worry about only feeding grom one side. If your bub is happy and content and having plently of wet nappies then they are getting what they need.

My bubs is 7 weeks and has only just started taking the second boob. But i have to wait about 15-20min after the first side before he wants it. So i change him and have a little play then offer it to him

my sisters baby never took the second side untill she was 4 1/2 months.

Good luck and your doing a great job!!!!!!!!!

My two boys were like that, only rarely would they drain one whole breast and start on the other, and I made more than enough milk (still do! smile)

As long as you are nursing completely on demand, day and night, you should have no problems with supply smile

All the best.

homebirthing mum to three boys!

Your breasts are fantastic and will automatically respond to your babies demands. One side only is perfectly normal.

After 3 months of a variation, my LO now feeds one side only during the day and has both at night. I change her between breasts and it is common for her to fall back asleep mid second breast, so I make sure I start again with that breast on the next feed.

Just make sure that you alternate the breast you offer to avoid becoming engored on one side and to keep supply even on each side. BF on demand is just that, feed as you LO demands and all shall be happy. Remember the night feeds are just as important since it is then that your LO effectively puts in her milk order for the next day.

Look at the Australian Breast feeding website and forum for some great breast feeding advice.
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