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Stressed nd Worried about food Lock Rss

My bu is 7 and a half weeks nearly 8 and i just got my period back. She will not go on my breast anymore at all. She will suck for about 1 minute if that the scream and pull and gnaw on my boob. She gets so worked up she is covered in sweat so i am giving her formula bottle and breast milk bottles as i cant express enough for every feed its like my milk has dropped dramatically in afternoon evening. Only problem is at the moment she is projectile vomiting after each feed weather it be breast or bottle she only started doing this yesturday. Is it because i am mixing the two should i go just to formula or have a half starving unhapppy baby for a week and try and push through my period??? Is it possible to go all formula for a week and expressall the time and build up bottles of milk and then after my period go back to breast an have a supply of breast milk ther efo rhte next week of my period and then do the same all over next period all formula get a weeks supply up then have it for the follwing period???
Any ideas would be great i wasnt really wanting to go to solid formula as i had all thses ideals about brestfeeding. Also should i change formula we r using the SMA at the moment any good ones to reccomend??? Sorry its so long im just totally stuck and need advice!!!!
Hi I got my period back at 7 weeks as well and Chantelle did the same (not quite so bad) Apparently the pulling off increases your supply. I often give Chantelle a bfed then top her up with formula with no probs. She is on Heinz. She has has one day of being quite spilly but fine now so maybe just a bad day? I think you should be able to express for a week cause heaps of people express all the time. Only bubs could become lazy about feeding from boob as bottle is easier.
Good luck

Hi Sara,
Its usual to feel that your milk supply is low at the end of the day when in fact it might not be. Your breasts settle down and don't become so engorged as the weeks go on. My baby has his best feed at the end of the day when my breasts seem at their "emptiest". In fact he feeds better because the milk isn't gushing out like it does at other feeds. If u can manage it have a rest mid afternoon- a sleep if possible. This may help the feeds as u wioll be more relaxed. As for the change in hormones during your cycle I can't help with that one but I am sure that expressing to keep up your supply if u formula feed occassionally is a great idea. Good luck with it all and keep up the good work.


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