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formula issues Lock Rss

Currently we're on Nan I Gold... bub is almost 10wks. She doesn't have a poo every day, sometimes not until the third or fourth day... I'm sure it's causing her pain. gasp( I am making her formula up in the right ratio of water:powder, and I do try to give her 20mls of water a day... I'm just wondering if I should be worried she's not pooing regularly, and am thinking of changing her formula. Anyone have any thoughts/opinions on what's "normal" for #of poos, or which fomula is a good "poo friendly" one to use? (my ECHN just said that the one she's on should be fine...) TIA

mady, single mum2muffin, 16/08/05 Syd,Ryde,NSW

I use Heinz formula and Bella does at least one poo every day. Never used Nan but last bub used S26 Gold and bub got constipated often.

Try switching and see.
hi there
i was told by my dr that aslong as a bub does a poo every 5 days it is normal. my friends bub poos once a week.
so i wouldnt worry.

hope this helps
Hi Mady

As I mentioned in my constipation problems posting, I have changed Logan over to Karicare Gold today, he is settled so much more sleeping from feed to feed and letting heaps of fluffs off. I know it is only day 1 but I have seen a considerable difference already in his behaviour, fingers crossed he poo's tonight or in the morning. I will keep you posted.

All the best with your little one


Shanen NSW, Logan 13.9.05, Mikayla 8 years

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