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Formula Trouble Lock Rss

Hi, I was wondering if any one could help me? When my daughter was born I was unable to produce milk so was forced to formula feed. My problem is at her age she is meant to have bottles of 150mls 5 times a day. In the past this has been fine but latley she wants more. Im scared that if i give her more she will get oVer weight. I have tried water and other things to settle her including a dummy but nothing seems to work until she gets more milk. Do you think I should give her the 6th bottle if she wants it or try somethin else.


Sam, QLD, Ava 11.08.2005, Michala 11.01.2007

Hi avasmum. I too had the same problem with producing milk and had to put my now 4 week baby girl on formula. To start off with she was fine but soon became increasingly unsettled after having just one bottle. Being a first time mum i went by the dosage recommendation on the formula tin thinking this was gospel. After tearing my hair out trying to figure out what was wrong i talked to my gp and he said if she wants more give it to her. The dosage recommendation is exactly that - a recommendation. Unfortunatley i found out the hard way but i didn't want to do anything that could harm my little girl. Now she is gladly taking two bottles,having steady weight gains and is 100% happier and i now feel a lot more competent as a mother. I now no longer think that she should have x amount of mls at one feed or so many feeds a day. Like my gp said if she didn't want it she would refuse it or bring it up. Hope this helps and goodluck.


Hi avasmum
I b/f my little man until he was 9 weeks old then put him on formula as I couldn't keep up my supply with his needs (he's a big boy) At that stage I was giving him 5x160ml a day and he would polish them off every feed. My CHN told me to offer him more even though I was going by the tin recommendations. He is now 14 weeks old and for the past 5 weeks has been having 5x200ml every day and polishing them off too. He doesn't seem hungry between feeds so I haven't offered more. Try offering your bub more each feed rather than adding an extra bottle so it doesn't mess with her 'routine'. If you're really worried about her gaining too much weight if you can have her weighed weekly for a couple weeks to see if there's much difference. Not giving her enough would be worst for her than giving to much. Offer her more each bottle but burp more often to give her a break so she can stop if she is full. Every baby is different as you probably know by now so I won't worry too much that she wants more too eat. According to the books bubs aren't meant to start rolling from their tummies to back until 4-5 months but my bub has been doing it since 9 weeks so the "experts" are always right and only go by averages anyway. If you are worried go and see your GP or CHN.
hi, i have just had my second son and i too have had to resolve that yet another of my children will be bottlefed. I tried to bf but couldnt get up enough of a supply despite desperate effort of bf, expressing and comp feeding.

The paed told me a formula to work out how much a baby needs.

use the current weight (if they havent returned to birth weight yet, you use the birth weight ) multiplied by 150mls and divide by 6 (4hr feeds) or 8 (3hrly feeds).

Hope this helps.

p.s am in the process of trying to dry up what milk i have left, am taking sage and vitb6, using cabbage leaves etc, any other suggestions would be appreciated as my boobs feel hugs (i just know if i change my mind and go back that i will only express 40mls combined. I have already done this once and refuse mother nature to mess with my mind)

michelle, mom to maxwell (11.03) & isaac (10.05)

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