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low milk supply Lock Rss

i have just returned home from giving birth to my second son, and am experiencing a sense of de ja vu. My first son failed to thrive and was put on the bottle at 3 weeks of age (after two weeks of comp feeding/expressing etc).

Now my second is too not gaining weight, but he is not losing too much either . He is still yet to lose his allowed 10%. He weighed in at 4790 and on day 5 weighed 4345. the paed suggested i start comp feeding. I came home on day 7 to an active 23 1/2 month old and decided to fully formula feed thinking it was the right thing and spent a day using cabbage leaves. Day 8 which is today i am extremely disappointed that i cant bf my baby and dont understand why, as my boobs have milk but not enough. my brain is telling me to do one thing and my heart/body the other.When i express i am lucky to get 40mls (doing 2 breasts). I have made an appt with a lact consult and am comp feeding once again. I too have started maxalon to increase supply.

Does anyone have anymore suggestions?????

I am willing to persevere for another week. But after that i am willing to give up on my dream for the sake of my son. His health is the most important thing, and i understand that there is nothing wrong with a form fed baby, as my first was practically it.

michelle, mom to maxwell (11.03) & isaac (10.05)

i don't bf my son but a friend of mine had some bf probs. she has managed to struggle and perserver (bad spelling i know) for about three months. many local groups have breast feeding day stay clinics which spend the day with you trying to see if they can help. There are tablets you can take to increase your supply and feeding more often can cause an increase in milk production. The more they take the more you make. There are plenty of other posts with advise as well.
I to had low milk supply. My natropath suggested I try Fennel seed tea and it work wonders. Fennel seeds are in the herb section of the supermarket. Put one teaspoon in a mug of boiling water, let soak for ten minutes, strain out seeds and drink. It took about 3 hours for it to work for me.

Imogens Mumma

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