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Now he refuses to take the bottle Lock Rss

Hi, my baby is 9 weeks old. We gave him his first bottle (breastmilk) when he was one week old. I was giving him a bottle feed once a day of either BM or formula but I stopped about 2 weeks ago because he had wind and I didn't feel that I needed a break from breastfeeding so much anymore. I thought I would give him a break and get rid of his wind but now he refuses to take the bottle at all. Any ideas on encouraging him to take it once again?


Hi LC,

I would suggest making sure that you wait until you are sure that he is hungry, and use EBM, so that he has the smell and everything that he is used to, and get dad or someone else to attempt it while you are not even in the room. My dd sometimes gets a bit fussy if I try to give her a bottle (she is 12 weeks), but a couple of minutes from my husband and she usually takes most of it. Hope this helps.
My LO refused the bottle for the first time last week, she's 3 months old. I think thats just the way things are sometimes. I would also recomend using EBM since any formula that you give reduces the demand for your breast milk supply and can therefore reduce your BM supply. I agree with Mum2Moose&Piglet that maybe someone other than yourself try to give the bottle. after all why drink for a bottle when the fresh stuff is right there!
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