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feed,play,sleep WHAT!!!! Lock Rss

any ideas on how to get a good routine going with my three month old? I find i feed him, have a play then a sleep and before i know it he's awake again and the whole cycle has only taken 2 hrs. I try to hold his next feed off but if I wait too long he's too tired to feed properly. I am finding I'm feeding (BF) every 2 1/2 hours or so, which doesn't actually bother me too much but wondering if anyone else doing the same or any suggestions to change. Also, does anyone put bubs down again after a sleep and play w/o another BF.


Feed play sleep doesn't work for every parent and child - how about feed, play, feed, sleep? The extra feed may help him to sleep longer? If bub wakes up after a sleep and doesn't seem hungry, then maybe leave the feed until a bit later? It's worth experimenting a little and seeing what works best for you!

thanks. we sort of do feed, play, feed sleep which is why i'm feeding so often but i'll try putting off feeds a bit. i just worry that he'll get too tired. thanks for your ideas. i'll experiment!


Feeding a 3 month old every 2-2.5 hours is prefectly normal. Breast milk is designed so it contains exactly what bubs needs and is easily digested. I'm sure like me, you find that your LO now feeds quite efficiently and it's nolonger the 40 minute maraton feed that it used to be making things much easier.
For more breast feeding advice and more see the Australian Breast Feeding website and forum too.
thanks,i'm glad to hear it is normal because i really don't mind feeding so often (i actually enjoy it) but i wasn't sure that we weren't creating problems with snacking and sleeping. And you're right, the whole feed only takes 5-10 minutes but he seems to get a lot and is a relatively big boy. It's nice to be able to relax about it all and just go with the flow. thanks again


I used to feed play feed sleep second one, but then always felt she was on the boob which caused snacking of feeds. Try to get hold of Tizzie Halls book Save our Sleep or go to her website of same name. There is a routine in there for each age group and I am trying it with my 1 month old and going ok. Have our moments!! It will change when you start solids as well as you get more of a routine to the day and sleeping happening. If bub is happy and you are happy doing it, then thats ok.

3 girls 3 and a half, 22 months, newborn

I was told to try to get my (6 week old) baby to sleep for at least 2 sleep cycles (approx 1.5hrs) but was finding that with feed, play, sleep she was not sleeping for more than 45 minutes at a time (1 sleep cycle). After chatting to my nurse I found that I was overstimulating my baby by keeping her up too long for play and the nurse suggested I look for tired signs rather than follow this routine strictly. This has sometimes meant that play is just a 2 minute cuddle. I was also shown what her early tired signs are - zoning out/staring into space and that if I put her down then she was more likely to fall asleep quicker. If she wakes after one sleep cycle - I try settling techniques to calm her and get her drowsy again - if she continues to cry or gives really alert body language then I know she has had enough sleep. The advice from the nurse is that this routine should only be guided by your baby's signs - is she showing tired signs or alert signs. The other things that helped her sleep longer are i) swaddling her, ii) playing white noise and iii) putting her to bed drowsy but awake so she learns to settle herself back to sleep and not call out (she always wakes earlier if I put her down asleep). This all goes out the window on hot days when she wants to feed more frequently!
thanks everyone. Re Keti- I do put my bubs down even before he shows tired signs and he is never up for more than an hour-often less. Therein lies my problem. Because he is not up for very long, then sleeps for 1-1 1/2 hours he is feeding every two hours. I have decided to go with the flow-I really don't care about routines any more. I feed him when he's hungry, put him down when he's tired and play with him when he's up for it. I always put him down awake. Thanks again for your ideas, maybe when he's older I can try again.


I have seen this Feed, Play, Sleep suggestion a few times. Does it have to be in that order?

The idea of the feed play sleep routine is to separate feeding from sleeping so that bub doesn't 'learn' to fall asleep on the breast/bottle and end up relying on it in future.

It is really just a recommendation, if it works for you, great. If not, experiment with it and find out what does work. Breastmilk actually contains hormones that help bub to sleep, so letting them sleep after a feed seems logical - but I can also understand how it may create problems for some.

The most important thing to remember is just to follow your babies cues, especially in the first few weeks. If bub is hungry, feed her... if she is tiered, put her to bed. Under 3 months they won't want much play time, your routine may be more "feed-sleep-feed-sleep-feed-play-sleep" iykwim?

I had to go to a Daystay sleep program to get my LO to sleep properly. We now do the Feed/play/sleep routine, but thought I'd drop you a little hint that at this age, they shouldn't be up for any longer than 1-1.5hrs (including feed time) and to look out for tired signs which range from being "fisty" to grizzly, they tense up, yawn, rub eyes etc.

if I put my boy down at the right time, he will sleep for 2.5hrs. If I miss the window, I'm lucky to get an hour out of him. Frustrating, but just makes you try to get the window more often.
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