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How long? Lock Rss

How long does it take for your baby to feed? Chantelle is bottle fed and it takes her 1/2 hr to drink 150- 180mls. I thought she would be quicker. (I seem to remember my son taking only 10 -15 mins at the same age). She is using the pigeon peristalic teats Y cut which are variflow but she goes no faster than when she was on the newborn one. Any suggestions?

hi there
my boy takes about 15-20 to drink 180mls. he used to take longer but i then changed the teats he was using to medium flow and he is fine now.
have u tried just a normal faster flow teat??
not the peristalic one??
My little monster guzzles 200ml down in around 10 minutes since around 11 weeks. Sometimes takes a bit longer but never any longer than around 25 minutes max. we were using avent 2+month teats but found they were too slow so moved on to the 3+month variable flow teats which work a treat.
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