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wot formula wont give tummy pains!! Lock Rss

hey every one im stuck i give my son the occasional bottle of formula and afta he has it he seem to get tummy pains i was just wondering wot is the best formula to use that wont give him pains or anything and he als dosnt poo for a few days afta he has it can anyone who has had expereience in this help me out his currently breastfed but has the occasional bottle of formula

Lauren , Qld , mummy to baby jack 27/7/05 gasp)

Unfortunately, i don't think their is a exact comes down to trial and error, and trying different formulas until you find one that is suitable. Chemists normally sell sachets of formula, so you don't have to spend a fortune!
Both my daughters were/are formula fed on normal S26, and have no probs, but i have read some threads that say other brands were good for their bubs, so just experiment and see what suits your man best. Also, formula fed babies tend to poo less than breast fed. My daughter goes 1-2 days without pooing, and this is perfectly normal (or so i've read!!!). this normally means she does 3 the next day, which is fantastic!!

Emily, NSW, Kaziah 28-8-01 and Jorja 3-8-05

Every baby is different but I found with my bub that karicare has worked the best. when I first put him on formula I was still b/fing but using s-26 gold. He had horrible troubles pooing on this once I finally gave up the boob completely. He would scream the house down all day sometimes going red in the face trying to push it out. I gave a little brown sugar in cooled boiled water and it helped a little but not much. So we tried heinz next as I thought a cheapie might it didn't. Still straining and he wasn't going as long between feeds. So then I tried karicare and within a couple days perfect. No straining but didn't keep him full over the night so I now add a little rice cereal to his last bottle at 10:30 and he sleeps great. I spoke to my CHN and she said that if the karicare didn't work then she had soon samples of other brands to save me having to buy a whole tin to find out if it works or not so hit your CHN up for some or your GP. She also said that nan has brought out a new formula in the past couple weeks that is meant to be the closest to b/m so far. Breastmilk has a natural laxative in it so I wouldn't worry to much about bub not pooing. Good luck with finding the right one your little one. smile
Hi Lauren!! I feed Conlan on heinz starter formula, or what ever it is called (the one in the blue tin). I started him on normal s26 but he wasnt right on it so i changed to heinz. Maybe his tummy pains are from constipation so try feeding him either white or brown sugar in cooled boiled water!! Anyway let us know how u go!!


My friend recommends Karicare AR in a blue tin--her baby has a bowel problem. Apparently it is easy for babis to digest & is gentle on the digestive track. I think in price it is a couple of dollare more expensive than the Gold Karicare. Hope this helps.

Sarah-Matthew 080905

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